No one quite understood what had changed, what had happened to trigger the usually peaceful little medic into action. There was no warning, no signs… every one thought the remnants of the last Halloween season had warn off, magic crawling its way back into the bowls of the earth for another 365 days….

Magic was very much like an addiction, it started out small, just a taste, a tiny sample of rushing crackling energy scouring over her skin. It set every particle of her being on fire. Never had Sophie felt so good, so ALIVE! Glorious couldn’t even come close to describing the sheer driving force she could feel behind the power now dancing around her finger tips.

Yet sadly… like all addictions founded in volatile substances… there is little joy in knowing they will be taken away, that their users judgement is called to question. Deep down, Miss Brauer was no different… no different at all. Perhaps some part of Sophie was still alive, far down in the reaches of her soul to be reached by the call of a friend or love… but this person was not Sophie and she was in no mood to see reason.




“… Vas… vas ist das…?”

*sighs* “Friedrich!”

“VAS! Sophie I’m-!”

“Friedrich.. love… the charts and all the stars that go along with them… are not going to vanish in the next hour. So… if you don’t mind… I can think of two lovely things which have missed you greatly…”

Friedrich: ….. !


Forgive me Aeo but I couldnt resist the urge to place this in that lovely tantalizing space au. Apperantly Sophie got sick and tired of him obsessing over his work and took the matter into her own…. “hands”.

(colour this sucker later)

Not all AU’s have happy endings…


It had finaly come to this… this one brutal, beautiful moment in which time was suspended, reality distorted and the universe itself held its breath… wiating…. watching. Sophies hands did not shake in their grip upon her friends own Luger.

He laughs at the sight.

“ Ironically, I had a feeling this would happen. Should have put you down when I had the chance ”. He grins at her.

“I suppose that makes too of us no?”

Sophie smiles sadly 

“So much I could have done… all those lives could have saved… the innocents you took…. if i hadn’t been an ignorant coward. Herr Friedrich… ” Sophies voice can almost be heard choking on her emotions; holding back the tide for what she knows she must do… for this brilliant life she must take. “ Mein Freund… you wont be leave this lab alive…”

Despite just how clean the lab had been scrubbed; all the evidence removed, the acrid copper stench of human fluids tainted Sophie’s nose.

Her eyes do not stray from his handsome face… those beautiful blue eyes for even a moment.

His gaze is as equally steeled, that soft mouth a bitter knowing smirk.

“ And neither will you, my dear … neither will you”

*Don’t worry liebe… it won’t hurt for long"

“DO you SEEE any? Because I sure as hell don’t! SO kindly pick your sorry wasted excuse for human flesh and kindly see yourself OUT my office…. NOW! You disgustingly soppy WANK SOCK!”

(IDK.. Sophie finaly lost her shit on someone. I Don’t know who… but somebody. Speed sketch 25 minutes for me is a bloody record! YAY!

“Friedrich… I think we’re having ”engine trouble“…”


“Friedrich… the ’engines’?”

“… Vas… vas ist das…?”

*sighs* “Friedrich!”

“VAS! Sophie I’m-!”

“Friedrich.. love… the charts and all the stars that go along with them… are not going to vanish in the next hour. So… if you don’t mind… I can think of two lovely things which have missed you greatly…”

Friedrich: ….. !

"…So you say there’s a "problem” in the “engine room” that needs to be “inspected”.

*peeks into the hall*

“…Let’s go… figure out what’s… wrong… with the engines…”

(coloured version of this)

“I’m s-sure the world will benefit from your wisdom Oliver… if we ever f-find people that is…” Sophie couldn’t help a habitual rub over her frozen arms; gentle breeze or not, the temperature was beginning drop with the suns retreating face and the difference was becoming drastically noticeable. Winter was a beautiful season, one which Sophie loved… or.. did she? She thought she did. Either way, regardless of season enjoyment of white powdery precipitation, the cold was something else entirely and Sophie was loosing feeling in just about every limb she had. Oliver just continued to prattle on, seemingly immune to the cold, making himself a great distraction, along with cloying thoughts of where they were and how in hell they might find shelter.

“For the love of.. IS THERE ANYONE OUT HERE!”

“Sophie… is there really need to shout?”


“Getting angry isn’t going to fix anything you know, perhaps we could find a nice tree for the -”

“Oliver, I’m freezing, and cold and tired! I don’t know about you but I certainly won’t last a night if we don’t find someone or somewhere that’s not here!” The poor woman’s nerves were just about frayed, not to mention frozen.

“Well then we’ll just have to freeze together” Oliver alights himself to a comfortable place on his human perch, grinning for all an owl could.


(Au Sophie in the universe of Rivyn. No memory of how she got there or where HERE is, she wanders about in search of safety.)