If anything Jess is Rory’s Christopher. He’s not as bad but…

- Bonded in their youth over both being outsiders

- We in a relationship but he left her high and dry because he couldn’t deal with the emotional responsibility 

- Regularly moves and traverses around the county offering very little contact or support ( When Jess showed up in the revival Rory indicated they hadn’t seen each other for years)

- Still have a very good relationship but she still verbally outpaces him (a seemingly small point but very important if you consider the GG scripts)

- He’s still in love with her and has intimate knowledge of her, she still loves him, but no longer seem in love

- Treats her like a backup plan

Were as Logan is like her Luke

- Is a man who is part of her ‘new life’ forged away from her mothers influence.

- Is part of her adult world, rather than her juvenile world.

- Always respects her personhood and her consent, letting her initiate and set boundaries on their relationship, baring one huge exception (April, The Proposal)

- Very much seems to ‘take what he can get’ (even if you dislike Logan you have to recognise he would leave Odette in a second if Rory asked him)

I mean its loose, but Logan is not as flaky as Christopher, and Jess is not as stable as Luke. I think the problem is more people like Jess full stop, and tend to project themselves onto Rory, forgetting that she is not this perfect little Ravenclaw angel. Jess is a Ravenpuff, but Rory is a Slytherin, so is Logan. As characters they fit better, regardless of your attraction towards Jess or Logan 

(but really, Rory is Christopher)