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So I was reading @fallenwithstyle‘s Soo-Won split-soul theory, and I’m pretty sure this isn’t the direction the post was supposed to go, but I just imagined Soo-Won and Hiryuu together. Greedling style. I mean, imagine this sort of conversation when Soo-Won meets Kija properly for the first time:

SW: “May I see your hand?”
*holds it, enter Hiryuu in SW’s body*
Hiryuu: “Oh gosh, it’s been so long since I’ve seen you, Hakuryuu! How are you?”
Kija: ?????

The more silly, naive, lighthearted personality? That’s Hiryuu in control. The serious, focused side? That’s Soo-Won. They switch back and forth so seamlessly that it’s one huge mindfuck for anyone who’s around him (them?) for any length of time. Just… imagine.

gbbo patisserie week spoilers

I know her bakes weren’t as messed up as they typically are but I still can’t take Kate being in the Finals seriously.

Also, I was almost scared they’d eliminate Steven (the way they eliminated Liam) but thank goodness they took past performance into consideration.

I’m still rooting for Steven but I have developed some liking for Sophie too so won’t mind if she wins.

But I’m still not over Noel crying :(

Who would have won if qualifications scores counted

I decided to do a little digging this morning to see who would have won event finals at the 2016 Olympic Games if both qualifications AND finals scores counted. Here’s what I found:

Vault *Based on average from two vaults


1. Simone Biles (USA)- 16.050
2. Hong Un-jong (PRK)- 15.683
3. Giulia Steingruber (SUI)- 15.266


1. Simone Biles (USA)- 15.966
2. Maria Paseka (RUS)- 15.253
3. Giulia Steingruber (SUI)- 15. 216


1. Simone Biles (USA)- 32.016
2. Hong Un-jong (PRK)- 30.583
3. Giulia Steingruber (SUI)- 30.482

Uneven Bars


1. Madison Kocian (USA)- 15.866
2. Aliya Mustafina (RUS)- 15.833
3. Gabby Douglas (USA)- 15.766


1. Aliya Mustafina (RUS)- 15.900
2. Madison Kocian (USA)- 15.833
3. Sophie Scheder (GER)- 15.566


1. Aliya Mustafina (RUS)- 31.733
2. Madison Kocian (USA)- 31.699
3. Sophie Scheder (GER)- 30.999
3. Elisabeth Seitz (GER)- 30.999

Balance Beam


1. Simone Biles (USA)- 15.633
2. Laurie Hernandez (USA)- 15.366
3. Flavia Saraiva (BRA)- 15.133


1. Sanne Wevers (NED)- 15.466
2. Laurie Hernandez (USA)- 15.333
3. Simone Biles (USA)- 14.733


1. Laurie Hernandez (USA)- 30.699
2. Sanne Wevers (NED)- 30.532
3. Simone Biles (USA)- 30.366

Floor Exercise


1. Simone Biles (USA)- 15.733
2. Aly Raisman (USA)- 15.275
3. Vanessa Ferrari (ITA)- 14.866


1. Simone Biles (USA)- 15.966
2. Aly Raisman (USA)- 15.500
3. Amy Tinkler (GBR)- 14.933


1. Simone Biles (USA)- 31.699
2. Aly Raisman (USA)- 30.775
3. Vanessa Ferrari (ITA)- 29.632

Interesting to see how the podiums didn’t change all that much. Let me know if you’d be interested in me doing the same thing for MAG or previous Olympics! 

Let’s talk about that for a second. What did you hope viewers took away from those scenes, especially the second one where Arya is threatening her sister?

I think both characters have been through absolute hell since the death of their father in very different ways, and have turned into absolute lethal individuals. We’re very aware of how lethal Arya is, because she’s displayed it over and over again. But I love the fact that the tables do turn back and forth between them; it really is a shifting back and forth of power between them in those scenes we had. And when Sophie says she won the Battle of the Bastards, she’s right. I love the fact that these two come back, they’re both lethal, and I just wanted to give the impression, as much as possible, that one of them is going to die. But you’re not sure which one.


[Laughs] Arya is certainly lethal and sort of threatening, but when Sansa sends Brienne away, who is Arya’s natural protector, something is coming very soon between them, and it will be violent but surprising.

Alan Taylor. Link.

So, Sansa is not so innocent as her fans believe…

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Okay...I can't resist. #3 with Loki, angst away

(I didn’t really feel like angst for this one…)

3. Make me

The little girl gave the god a toothy grin “Make me,”

“Oh I’ll make you,” Loki muttered to the girl “Y/n” he called

“yes?” She called from the kitchen making lunch

“Nothing” the young girl yelled back giving Loki a fake glare

“Sophie won’t eat her broccoli” Loki tattled. She had started watching Sophie when she was about 3. At first it was just Y/n but soon she were also tasked with baby sitting Loki and the two jobs interfered. She had brought Loki with her after deciding it’d be the easiest thing to do and to her surprise he was very good with children. Maybe it was because he still was one most of the time.

“No broccoli, no story,” she reminded Sophie

The girl let out a frustrated sigh and ate her broccoli pretending to gag as she ate. Loki had to hold back a laugh. Soon enough it was time for Sophie to get ready for bed and as Y/n tucked her in she made a request for her story. Loki entered the room and waited, he liked watching the woman weave stories and retell myths.

“What are you waiting for?” Sophie asked looking to Loki instead or Y/n

“Me?” The god raised a brow “I don’t tell stories.”

“Please,” the girl pouted “You always say that Y/n’s stories aren’t real. I want a real one.”

Y/n smirked and leaned back in her chair as Loki began to tell stories from his childhood about Thor and his mother.

(I just thought this would be cute. Sorry for any errors. -G)

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Oh, we are pressed all right. Pressed to see what moronic excuses @gatorfisch will come up with to explain why Sophie’s name won’t be mentioned in the press regarding any criminal activity.
One of these days, Aeltri will have her breakdown and Gator will see that she was used or have one herself. I wish I could say that I feel sorry for them, but I just can’t do it. Not after those truly disgusting accusations they’ve made. Saying Sophie is a prostitute is one thing, but saying she’s a child trafficker without any proof is way out of line.

GBBO finals - Spoilers

I’m not sure if I’m happier that Sophie won… or that Kate *didn’t* win.

Let it be said that this series had some of the worst choices for elimination. By rights, Kate should have been eliminated weeks ago, and that someone else – probably Liam – should have been in the finals instead.

That being said, Sophie was consistently the strongest and most polished baker and so deserved to win.

And now the “where are they now” segment… YAN AND JULIA ON A ROAD TRIP WITH FLO? DOING KARAOKE? My poor heart cannot take such beauty.

Steven and Sophie going on holiday together? Aww.