sophie was on set with emma

Evan Peters x reader (Requested)

You had met on the set of American Horror Story. Being friends was easy, he made you laugh all the time. You made him laugh too. It was a match made in heaven. At the red carpet on the opening of the new season, you announced you two were dating and going to work on the next X-Men movie together. Nothing could have been better.

During the after party of the red carpet you saw her. Emma… you had nothing against her but you knew she’d go a bit mad about you and Evan dating. “Hey” she smiled and hugged you. “Congrats on the news” she said as she drank some wine. “Though it is a bit sad. Announcing your dating and then him slipping me a note that he wants to meet in the bathroom. Not that this is the first time” she showed you the note and it looked like Evans. You didn’t say anything as she walked away. Towards the bathroom.

You trusted him. He trusted you. It’s how you two worked. Yours eyes scanned the room for him, once you spotted him, you began to head towards him. Only to find him following Emma into the bathroom.

You know that sound of when you drop a glass and it breaks. The sound echos about the room for a moment. That’s what your heart was like. Broken into a million pieces. You left the party then, not answering anyone’s calls or texts.

Weeks past, the day growing closer for when shooting the movie would start. You were dreading it. You didn’t want to see him. You couldn’t. You hadn’t spoken to him since that night. He called, he texted, he sent people over. You refused to see them all.

Finally it was the day of shooting. Your first scene was of course with Evan. “[Y/N]” he whispered. “Why haven’t you answered me, my calls, messages. Why did you break up with me…” he was worried. “Just do the scene and leave me alone” you replied bitterly. Really you wanted to melt into his arms, but you couldn’t. He had cheated and had done all the time you two were together.

Shooting went on like this for a while and no one dared bring up what was happening. One night however you heard a knock on your door. Opening it you found Evan standing there. His eyes red and puffy. “Please…I can’t do this anymore” he begged. He held up a note. “I didn’t write this…I would never write this!” He insisted.

You let him inside then. Wanting to hear him out. “She was jealous” he started “and thought that if we broke up I’d go back to her. I haven’t and I never will” he told you. Taking your hands in his. “Please. Give me another chance”

“No” you whispered making his face fall. Tears coming to his eyes again. “It was me who made the mistake. Me who started this fight…you have to give me the second chance”.

He leaned in and kissed your lips softly. “Your forgiven and it’s forgotten” throwing your arms around his neck and hugging him. Everything was made better.


Aquamarine Flower “Tutte in fiore” Glamour Italia, April 2015

Nails by Sophie Harris-Greenslade at The Illustrated Nail @emmadaviesagency using @opinailsuk @opi_products

Photography by Sandrine and Micheal

Stylist: Laurent Dombrowicz

Stylist Assistant: Hadj Moussiz            

Set Designer: Anna Tavani                                                   

Make-up Artist: Emma Miles                                                                              

Hair  Stylist: Keiichiro