Game of Thrones PSA

As a man who is about the same height as Kit Harington…

Sansa is taller than Jon, okay? 

I know society has told us over and over again that women have to be delicate and tiny and small and men must be massive and tall and burly. But that isn’t the case here. And that makes it special. Obviously people can do whatever the hell they want, but it just makes me cry a little inside when I see TV show fanart of Jon and Sansa where he’s towering over her.

Sansa is taller. Take a deep breath. That’s okay.

(In the show she’s taller than Ramsay, Theon, Joffrey and Littlefinger, too, for that matter…)


Legs for days 🏃🏼‍♀️

anonymous asked:

Why are some fans thinking Sansa will die just because they saw her body double in one of the pictures? That doesn't mean anything at all. ALL of the actors have their own body doubles and they are used frequently, so who cares? Maybe Sophie was unavailable for a particular scene that day. And IF she really was supposed to be dead, then why have a double at all? The character wouldn't matter anymore.

Because we are speculative pieces of trash desperate for the next season that won’t come for months and months and months.

(But really: the implication of Sophie having a body double is Sansa is potentially in a fight scene or something that requires lots of activity/energy, which could easily mean death. I lean towards the actress being the 16-year-old Northern girl from the “high-stakes scene” that the little boy is in that a casting call went out for earlier, though.)