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13 Angels Standing Guard 'Round the Side of Your Bed
A Silver Mt. Zion
13 Angels Standing Guard 'Round the Side of Your Bed

13 Angels Standing Guard ‘Round the Side of Your Bed
A Silver Mt. Zion
He Has Left Us Alone, But Shafts of Light Sometimes Grace the Corner of Our Rooms (2000)

malibumag New issue hits stands tomorrow. Sophie Turner @sophiet “Sansa has been such a gift to me, but I really do actively work against the possibility of Sansa Stark being the only thing I’m known for. So, every role that I choose, I’m quite selective about it. I try not to do any period work, or princesses, or anything like that. I’m trying to make myself—before Game of Thrones ends—to be seen as diverse as possible. I want to have a huge catalogue of work in different genres. I would love to do comedy. I would love to do horror, maybe. There’s nothing I would rule out at this point because I think I need a large repertoire for people to be able to see me as something other than ‘that girl from Game of Thrones.’” Photographed by @brian_daly Styled by @ruthhigginbotham Hair by @hurrbydavid
Makeup by @kimbrownmakeup
Cover feature written by Gregg LaGambina

this world is not ours || charles xavier

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Alright! So here we are, two of the last Charles Xavier oneshots. :( This one was requested, but the next one will be Part II to Chasing Cars. Then they’re all finished! To those of you who sent me Charles requests, thank you very much in advance! Since there are alot less of these, they might open sooner then Old Man Logan because there’s like… 30-40 prompts in my masterlist? 

Prompt (Requested by Anon) - Charles x reader where the Xmen are fighting a powerful mutant who controls dreams etc and they trap Charles and the reader in a nightmare together? They have to find their way out to wake up again. (Charles is a softie when it comes to violence and gore, so reader can take the lead.) 

This’ll probably be two parts, but only part I will be posted for now! This is entirely my own plot.. Bear with it.

Tag List: @katiedreamy @xavier-chxrles @t0ny-st4nk @rivertales 

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So… does this sound like a man who is splitting from his wife???

This is from the November 2017 issue of Cineplex Magazine (interview of BC with journalist Ingrid Randoja):

He and his wife Sophie are parents of two-year-old Christopher Carlton and eight-month-old-Hal Auden. Cumberbatch, a notorious workaholic, is now coming to terms with juggling a career and family.

”I am a lot less comfortable with that isolation than Edison was.” says the actor. “I am thousands of miles away from my children, which Face-Time only makes me painfully too aware. Absolutely my priorities have changed. It’s about where and when I do my work so I can spend more time with family.”

Sounds to me like BC is determined to make an effort to commit to projects that keep him close to his wife and children despite the paripetical nature of his job.

Sounds to me he is deeply emotional about being away from his family and misses them a lot when his work keeps him from them.

Sounds to me he is a man who has his priorities set to make his wife and children a permanent part of his life.

But the Hater/Septics keep pushing the idea that Ben isn’t married and isn’t a father! They have their “Astro-predictions” and their “Hater-logic”! They keep repeating their lies and slanders and keep hoping will swallow their shit!

Yet it clear from this very recent quote that this just isn’t true! Ben is obviously fully and deeply in love with his wife and children and they seem to mean the world to him.

Who are we to believe???? The Hater/Septics, or the words right out of Benedict Cumberbatch’s own mouth????

Hmm… let’s see… I am going to go with BC! No-brained actually!

And the Haters can just suck on all their bitter, bitter bile!


05x07 - The Real Fake Car Job

[four gifs of Sophie standing next to a car in a field while Eliot digs a shallow grave. (1) Eliot: After sunset, this field is gonna be completely dark. (2) Eliot: No clear sight lines from the road.  First thing to find a body out here would be a coyote – Sophie: Okay, now I’m scared. (3) Eliot: I’m here.  (4) Sophie: Eliot, you’re what’s scaring me.]

studierofinterdimensionalrifts  asked:

When I saw Sophie waiting, i just imagined her waiting like you do in Skyrim. Toriel:"Just wait right here, my child. I must take care of something." *Toriel leaves* 30 min later... *Toriel returns* "Im sorry that took so lo-"*Sophie is just standing in to exact same position, standing stock still and staring blankly into the distance*

This is exactly what she would do. And not even 30 minutes…. give her hours. She would stay there for hours.


If Ben & Sophie did a romantic drama movie

Eyes Closed 12

Pairing: Eggsy Unwin x Reader

Warning: Swearing, pettiness, sass, heartbreak, angst, drama, and plot twists.

A/N: In some parts you will see from Eggsy’s POV but not every piece.

You never loved anyone the way you loved Eggsy Unwin. When he ends things with you after confessing his secret to you. Wishing to only keep you safe from the scary things in his life. When you end up in a whirl wind romance with a man who turns out to be a prince, you’re suddenly struggling to figure out who you are. When you’re saying yes to a royal engagement, Eggsy has a lot to say about it. What happens when things take a nasty turn? Whose the one that will be by your side? And who the hell are you going to choose the prince and fairytale or the street hustler turned Spy???

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Enamored | [ PART 3 ]

“I know Luke, and I know that deep down he needs someone like you. I know you’re not talking right now and I also know that I barely know you but I know you can make him stable and help him come out of his shell. You can make him, him again, because he needs that, he really does.”

Word Count: 1.7k

Summary:  Or, the one where in an alternate universe it’s not out of the norm to be buying humans-especially sex slaves-for auction. Luke Hemmings, a very high profiled boss in one of the best selling businesses in the world, just so happens to buy the most cheapest sex slave there is, that makes the media go wild and follow his every move.

Aurora Palvin is the sex slave who has been in the auction since she turned sixteen, thankfully she has been bought by the Luke Hemmings and to say she is scared is an understatement. She has to learn to deal with the pressure of society and Luke’s strict rules.

Now what happens when two different worlds collide? Find out in  Enamored.

part one | part two 

Aurora walked around the house, going into every room that she seen previously before. She let her fingers dance around every piece of furniture, every unusual object that perked her interest or anything shiny that came across her vision. She had wonder everywhere on the first floor; her bare feet gliding amongst the heated wooden floor as she let her eyes continuously trail around the empty space around her.

Her feet carried her towards a window to the left side of foyer where she stared outside, her lips hanging open from the gorgeous view in front of her. Aurora never got a good view of the backyard, she only caught little glimpses of it, and even when she did she knew that it would look beautiful and she wasn’t wrong.

The grass was cut low and a very alluring green colour, there was also a ton of trees that covered the expense of the yard, and enough gave privacy due to the huge windows surrounding the house. Even after the long lean trees it was the swimming pool and hot tub that sparked so much interest in Aurora. It was so beautifully sculptured and stunning that Aurora couldn’t help but feel excited, she couldn’t wait until the day where she would be able to dive into the pool and wonder through the trees as the short grass tickled her feet.  

“Aurora,” A soft voice said in the quiet atmosphere that caused Aurora’s head to turn away from the window and turn towards the voice. The woman that brought her food yesterday night was standing before her with a small smile on her lips.

“So that is your name?” She spoke again before taking a few steps towards her; Aurora let a small smile tug on the ends of her lips as she turned away from the window and twisted her body towards the woman.

“Uh yes, that’s my name,” Aurora said, her head bowing slightly as she turned her head towards the ground, her chestnut hair trailing behind her.

“No need to be shy dear,” The woman said before reaching Aurora, and taking her hand in hers. “My name is Sofia, but you can call me Sophie.” That made Aurora’s smile become wider, her gaze flicked up from off of the around and towards Sophie, a gentle smile was also plastered on her lips.

“Why don’t you come with me,” She said, her head nodding towards the kitchen, which only made Aurora nod her head gently before following Sophie to where she was taking her.

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