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“In the forest of primeval
A school for Good and Evil
Twin towers like two heads
One for the pure
And one for the wicked
Try to escape you’ll always fail,
The only way out is
Through a fairytale.”

           - The School for Good and Evil by Soman Chainani


I REALLY want a Lunar Chronicles movie!
I have explained the reasoning for each person I choose in another post. So here is some collages that I have made per character.
Cinder: Paris Berelc
Iko: Vanessa J aka…me!! ( @mistyxaesthetic )
Scarlet: Sophie Turner
Cress: Natalia Dyer
Winter: Diamond White

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today my friend sophie and i were in english class and my teacher asked what we were thankful for n i said “im thankful for sophie and our mutual love for ian alexander” and then we explained to the class that he played buck on the OA and i was surprised at the few people who actually knew what we were talking about and then my teacher talked about how she was at the gym and the sex scene in the first ep came on and she was like scrambling to turn it off and she fell of her treadmill it was so funny oh my god


If you are a fan of the books I’m pretty sure that we can all agree that this should be a movie series!
So I did a little fan cast
I tried to make it as accurate as possible including age accuracy (no one I casted is over the age of 20) but if you have any other suggestions let me know and I will make one for them too!

My girl Cinder! I love her
For her I picked my friend Kat
and OK OK…you are right she is not Asian.
But she is Native American and she explained how she is never represented in media cause there aren’t many Native American females whatsoever, even more than Asians and I want to change that. She loves Cinder and fits all of her describing perfectly!


I picked me ( @mistyxaesthetic ) naturally :)
I am an actress and I can give the character of Iko justice because I ADORE her! Also I believe that most of the cast should be unknowns as well.


Not everyone needs to be an unknown so for Scarlet I picked Sophie Turner.
She is curvy and can play a strong/kick butt character, she can totally pull off Scarlet!


For Cress I picked Natalie Dyer, she played Nancy Wheeler from Stranger Things!
She is not a household name but she is fantastic!
She has a very small frame and if you give her blonde hair she would be a perfect Cress!


Winter is a beautiful dark skinned female and sadly dark skinned girls are barely represented. So I went with Diamond White, she is from the US XFactor and has gone into a career of acting. I haven’t seen her projects so I don’t know if she is good BUT I truly believe that the actress that plays Winter has to be described as she is in the books so that dark skinned girls can have someone to look up to/someone who looks like them who isn’t playing a poor girl from the hood (because that’s what Hollywood normally does with them) and see a successful and beautiful princess!!!

{if you reblog please keep the original caption so that people will know who is who and why! :)}

Well, I’m out.

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“So it started when Manon wanted to take a photo with Hari-san and Bebe and Alain and the professor, and where Alain goes, Liza goes as well, of course, and then Gabby spotted that there were cameras and jumped up as well, and Sophie and Cosette decided that they’d make an appearance as well, and then Gabby noticed the professor’s cute mechanic boyfriend hanging around and dragged him in too, and, well, Psyduck just sort of… happened…”