sophie langohr


Sophie Langohr

Drapery II, 2013-2014

“…Like other photographic series using retouching, manipulation and cropping of advertising images
(New Faces, Glorious Bodies, Touching Up), the Drapery ensemble proceeds from a strict protocol: cut out pages in fashion magazines with images of carefully selected hands, crumple the paper, photograph the crumpled image.

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Belgian Artist Sophie Langohr brings out the ’holy mary’ out of celebrities in ‘New Faces’. Iconic beauty’s like Marion Cotillard, Anouck Lepere & Nathalie Portman have been photoshopped out of beauty ads by Dior, Maybelline, Chanel etc. 

Smart way to enounce the similarity in past & present of using the same kind of face as a commercial product. In all respects you can ask yourself 'are mannequins the new saints?’