sophie is so beautiful

The crossover nobody asked for, but the mod is a crossover ho.

Bonus sort of

Howl’s Moving Castle tho

I think it’s interesting when you remember that throughout almost the entire movie Howl literally had no soul, which was apparent when it came to things like his cluttered rooms—evidence of his materialism

—and how he totally (and hilariously) overreacted when he got his hair color wrong, displaying his vanity.

Not to mention, he sent Sophie to see Suliman in his stead because he was afraid (he later changed his mind and went to rescue her but, still, it’s important in establishing that less noble side of his character.)

BUT EVEN SO, when he met Sophie he started to exhibit selfless behavior, despite his intrinsic lack of heroism/nobility.

AND, soulless as he was, somehow he still managed to actually fall in love with Sophie.

Sophie drew the goodness out of him just by believing that that goodness existed.

It’s just so goddamned beautiful I can’t stand it.