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YA/Teen Fiction - Feb. 7, 2017

  • Tedros: From now on we'll be using code names. You can address me as "Eagle One."
  • Tedros: Sophie, code name: "been there, done that."
  • Tedros: Agatha is "currently doing that."
  • Tedros: Hort is "it happened once in a dream."
  • Tedros: Chaddick, code name: "if I had to pick a dude."
  • Tedros: Hester is..."Eagle Two."
  • Hester: Oh, thank god.
Meanwhile in heaven :
  • Hershel shows Glenn how proud he is that he was such a good husband to Maggie. 
  • Lori and Andrea tell him that the Green-Rhee baby is gonna be an ass kicker like Judith. 
  • Abraham curses Negan while using his favourite swear words and Dale gives him the “Dale look” while covering Sophia’s ears and she says : “I’ve heard worse from uncle Merle”. 
  • Tyreese tells Abe he was rooting for him and his sister. And T-Dog makes fun of Ty for calling them “Sabraham”.

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And he thought she was gonna be happier and safer far from him. He was such a monster. He watched her leave his side, just because he asked her to. He told her she wasn’t loved, he told her she was just a futile piece for his game. He told her she was useless now. She didn’t cry. Such a strong girl. “My brave little girl” he thought. But he could see the pain in her beautiful eyes and felt a tear running down his cheek when she ran away from him. Not as strong as her at the end. “Better this way” he said more to himself than to her. He saw her leaving through the window, with a hole in his chest, and whispered “It’s not love”.

Months later he died in her arms, totally covered in his own blood in the middle of the war. Cercei killed him. He told her the truth for once before he passed away: “I love you, Sansa Stark”. He knew it was the only thing that mattered then. It was Petyr Baelish who spoke; Littlefinger died long ago with their first kiss. So she kissed him one last time and he died feeling loved and warm.

Cercei was killed hours later. Jon asked Sansa why had she killed her without telling him. “What do we do to those who hurt the ones we love?” she said.

The School For Good and Evil (SPOILER ALERT)
  • author: it's a story about having to choose between your best friend and your boyfriend
  • ------------------------------------
  • female main character 1 (agatha): everyone says i'm ugly
  • female main character 2 (sophie): you're not ugly or nasty you're super cool and i hang out with you all the time and you're basically my only friend and vice versa even though we have very few interests in common we just have this magnetism that's ridiculously strong haha isn't that super-platonic?
  • --------------------------
  • agatha: omg sophie you're so beautiful i am struck dumb by your beauty even when you're transformed into a fox
  • ---------------------------
  • sophie: hey so agatha i've been having dreams about you and i'm obsessed with you and your face is all i see when i sleep
  • sophie: but it's totally because you're my nemesis
  • sophie: okay now I'm going to spend the entire last third or so of the book being ridiculously jealous of the guy who suddenly likes you
  • ---------------------------
  • agatha: i don't even want to be at this stupid school i want to be back home with galinda
  • agatha: i mean sophie
  • agatha: bOYS ARE ICKY [repeat for the entire book except a little bit at the end]
  • ---------------------------
  • agatha: oh no sophie is dead
  • agatha: i will hold her body close to me and weep and cradle her tenderly and kiss her
  • sophie: hello yes i'm alive now because true love's kiss
  • sophie: "who needs princes in our fairytale?"
  • ------------------------------
  • author: nope totally platonic friends