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Fortnightly Comics Carousel column at my blog, Comics&Cola, in which comics get reviewed. This round features The Good Wife by Sophie Goldstein, Vantage by Kristyna Baczynski, Dino Might by Richard J Smith, and Flesh of the Simpsons by Benjamin Wright. You can read the whole thing here.

Maple Key 4 is coming very, very soon, darlings! Feast your eyes on the beautiful cover art by Sasha Steinberg.

MK4 marks the debut of several brand spanking new three-part stories from Ian Richardson, Carl Antonowicz, Luke Healy, and Stephanie Zuppo, as well as the continuations of Ignatz-award winner Sophie Goldstein’s the Oven, Luke Howard’s Talk Dirty to Me, Joyana McDiarmid’s Hale, and Sasha Steinberg’s The Disappearance of Pepper Stein, and Rachel Lindsay’s Rachel Lives Here Now.


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The Oven

By Sophie Goldstein

Published by Adhouse Books 2015

Part of me has always wanted to live like people did in the far past. Living off the land and the blood, sweat and tears thereof. But the rational part of me realizes, I probably wouldn’t be able to hack it long term. I’m just too soft. THE OVEN is a tale about two young alternative/hipster kids, a couple, who’ve decided to do just this, to go live off the land and raise a family the hard way.

While Sophie Goldstein sets this plot in a far future Earth or a planet of similar origins, the metaphor she is trying to get across is plain and simple. Most of us are soft, we’re weak, we glamorize the struggle, but most of us are just big coddled fucking babies. Well, that might not be the exact metaphor Sophie Goldstein was trying to get across, but to me that’s what I kept thinking about when reading this very entertaining book.

The main characters are a young couple and they’ve abandoned the big city in favor of the deep abandoned country of what is left of this future world plagued by radiation, two suns and a host of other problems. When they get pregnant, the male, realizes this way of life ain’t all it’s cracked up to be. He likes getting high, taking it easy and enjoying technology and all that the modern civilized world has to offer, but his wife likes this old school farming community and doesn’t want to leave. Drama ensues…

Sophie Goldstein has an amazingly simple, but gorgeous style to her art. While I think the backgrounds were a bit too empty many of the times, the figures and objects in the foreground are uniquely illustrated and the simple orange spot color throughout the book gave this story a warm and meditative tone. I’m looking forward to finding more work by Goldstein and I hope her next book is as enjoyable as this one. Highly recommended.

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You knew it was coming, but now we’re finally able to announce officially that Dog City issue #3 is on the horizon!

Even more exciting is that issue #3 will be available in just about 3 weeks! We’re launching this issue at a live event on September 5th, and we’ll be releasing more details about that soon. We are very excited about this, and we hope you are too.

And you should be excited, because Dog City 3 will feature new comics by:

Sophie Goldstein,

Caitlin Rose Boyle,

Luke Healy,

Simon Reinhardt,

Juan Fernandez,

Amelia Onorato,

Allison Banister and Tom O’Brien with a collaborative mini,

Iris Yan,

D. Rinylo,

Jenn Lisa

(and MORE!)

Issue #3 will also feature prints and posters by Laurel Lynn Leake and Steven Krall.

Perhaps most excitingly, issue #3 will be reprinting a selection of strips from the now-forgotten newspaper series Who’s Zoo, which has been restored and compiled by Reilly Hadden!

All of this will, of course, come packaged in a screen-printed cardboard box!

The best news of all is that you can pre-order your copy of Dog City issue #3 right now. We highly recommend pre-ordering a copy as our issues are all hand-made and produced in VERY LIMITED quantities. Once this thing sells out, we will not be making any more.

Be sure to follow us here, or check back over the coming weeks, for posts spotlighting issue #3’s creators, and previews of the comics you’ll find inside of issue #3!

Woof woof!

-The Dog City Team


I met so many of my favorite artists and discovered some rad new ones!!! People recognized me from tumblr and Twitter!!! I reconnected with a dear friend!!!! The ignatzes were dominated by women!!!! I danced to some sick beats at prom!! I brought home a mother load of comics!!!
The comics community is an incredible and generous group of people and I felt at home immediately. I want to come back every year forever. I can’t wait to make some more comics!!!!!! All my love!!!!