sophie faucher

Laurence Anyways

is probably the best picture of the year for me. It’s aesthetically and visually flaw free, the music is well chosen (especially for the scene with Beethoven’s 5th symphony) and the scenery is breathtaking. The cast is probably the best element of the whole movie along with its overall aesthetic. Melvil Poupaud made me want to watch every single of of his movies and the presence and charisma created by Monia Chokri and Suzanne Clément are unbelievable. The movie’s length is so justified, even though some people complained it was too long. It expressed so well the restless and tortuous relationship between Poupaud and Clément’s characters!

“Laurence Anyways is perfectly enjoyable as an immersive orgy of pure sensory pleasure. Plus, of course, everybody has fantastic hair.” -Stephen Dalton