sophie convey

OPENING LOVEBUZZ ZINE #1! Featuring work by a fine array of cosmic babes and put together with finesse by Zine Queen Supreme Sophie Convey.

Includes photos, illustration, art, lyrics, a temp tattoo, iridescent hearts, flowers and one of my essays which I will upload to here soon! Yayayayyayaa!

anonymous asked:

You and Sophie Convey (hey sophie i'm writing this to you 2 since you dont allow anon comments) are the only cool girls in the 'Tumblr scene'. The rest SUCK so much I could die. love you, babes <3

Well tank you veddy much, please don’t die, there are plenny o’ top notch total babes around tumblr to restore your faith, keep searching young padawan.

And Oi! Heads up Sophie!