sophie charlotte rieger


Yesterday, Dec 19. 2011, 15:43, Sophie wrote: 

“[alle] Cake in the kitchen

Dear Pilots,

it was my birthday yesterday so following the tradition I brought some cake which you can find in the kitchen within the next 5 minutes.


See you all upstairs!”

Before I even got the email Caspar had come to pick me up, for the cake wouldn’t last long (which actually turned out to be wrong, there was some left today).

Ice age coming, Icing coming

Take the iPad and run, take the iPad and run, take the iPad and run.

Right, three questions pose themselves:

- whose hand is grabbing some cake?

- why is Mattes so happy?

- which one of the “Gold and silver” cake, Peanut Butter Chocolate Brownie cake, “bottomless” cheesecake (no gluten!), and small piece of hyperallergenic chocolate cake without gluten, milk and sugar is the best?