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I’d caught wind of how much of a behemoth collaboration the latest Vince Staples single would be days ahead of its release last Friday, alongside the rest of the Long Beach rapper’s sophomore album Big Fish Theory, and I’d been eagerly awaiting to check it out. I mean, how often does a track come out that involves as many celebrated artists as Yeah Right? The monstrous hip hop and electronica track lives every bit up to the hype. Yeah Right is a razor sharp, tense gripping jolter involving cutting edge producer SOPHIE, venerated future bass pioneer Flume, esteemed hip hop artist Kendrick Lamar, and Sydney singer songwriter KUČKA, who’s already collaborated with Flume on his album Skin. You’d think there’d be too many “chefs in the kitchen”, but Yeah Right works perfectly. You can recognize each artist’s contribution to the song, whether it’s the carbonated vivacity of SOPHIE, or the jarring grit of Flume, or Kendrick’s tense and en point delivery, or KUČKA’s instantly recognizable, sharply captivating voice.

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“Heartbreaker, U.S.A.”

Thirty-five millimeter // Fall 2014

Featured image in one of the most beautifully crafted feminist zines, girlsdontzine! I am so honored to be alongside artists such as Sophie Bass, Maisie Cousins, Andrea Gonzales and Sophie Houser.

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