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Lambent enchanting, starry eyed dazzling future pop comes by way of Los Angeles’ SAM F this weekend, and it features fellow Southern Californian Sophie Rose on beautifully lifting vocals. Limitless paints a warm picture of sweet hope and saccharine optimism with its lustrous brushstrokes. The universe suddenly feels truly limitless and anything seems possible once SAM F whisks us away with this mellifluous sparkling future bass aria. You can also stream Limitless via Soundcloud below.

Writing For Games (Week 4)

How are games classes going so far? Reflect on one event/moment in Games writing class so far that has enlightened or energised you.

Overall, I am enjoying games writing tremendously. I’m having some trouble getting my head around the technical/coding aspects of Twine - however, the actual exercises and class environment is always engaging and a good ol time. 

In terms of one event/moment that energised me most - it was ABSOLUTELY playing Fiasco with Sophie and Bass. While I have played some tabletop roleplaying games before, they’ve always been fantasy and statistics based, and I’d be trying to get as much scene work and fun acting moments in there.

What I loved about Fiasco is that it’s ALL SCENE WORK AND ACTING. 
Boyo - did we have a blast. The Fiasco playbook/instructions gave us a general outline of the setting, our character relationships and occupation etc. However, from there we were basically given freedom to make the game what we wanted. 

In our story, Bass played a hopeless romantic town sheriff, whose job is his life. Sophie played a young southern belle/thief, sleeping with Bass for insights into his work. I played her crime partner, and cousin to Bass - an ageing beauty queen who wanted to have one last heist and leave the small town forever.  

I’m not sure if it’s because we are screenwriters or losers, but the group all seemed way more invested in telling the best/dumbest/funnest story over our own characters ultimately winning.What made it extra engaging was how willing everyone was to commit to their characters accents (deep southern), and the reoccurring bits that people brought back to make everyone laugh. 
ie. Bass “I’m gonna marry that woman.” 

By the end, I was tempted to start a home game to have that much fun again. The two hours zoomed by and I think we were all a little sad when we had to pack up. (Though we did end our story in a firey car chase, three-way stand off, declarations of love, betrayal and death, and of course - Bass riding off into the sunset with the loot). 

It was so fun.

“Heartbreaker, U.S.A.”

Thirty-five millimeter // Fall 2014

Featured image in one of the most beautifully crafted feminist zines, girlsdontzine! I am so honored to be alongside artists such as Sophie Bass, Maisie Cousins, Andrea Gonzales and Sophie Houser.

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