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All of the Game of Thrones cast ended up around my house the other day, really randomly,“ Sheeran said. "And they ended up getting subjected to a listening session.”
The 25-year-old “Castle on the Hill” singer revealed that actors Alfie Allen, Maisie Williams, Sophie Turner and Kit Harington were among the partygoers, along with former Scrubs star, Braff.
“That was a weird one,” he admitted. “It was quite a weird night because there was a party going on … and I got back to [my house] at 2, and then I just got a text being like, ‘Oh, the party’s over. Can we come to yours?’ and I was just about to go to bed, and I was like 'Oh, alright. Whatever.’ And then all of them turned up and it was really surreal.”
Sheeran also said that he’s a “massive, massive” fan of the HBO fantasy drama, and that the actors are “really fun” to hang with.

Ed Sheeran, Entertainment Tonight


  • Thomas: Hey guys do you dare me to make out with Jimmy?
  • Daisy and Mrs. Patmore: No.
  • Thomas: [shaking his head and chuckling] I can’t believe you guys are making me do this.
  • Daisy and Mrs. Patmore: We’re not.
  • Jimmy: Shut up, let the man talk.

“Game of Thrones” is welcoming an unlikely guest star in Season 7: Ed Sheeran.

The news was announced Sunday at SXSW by “Game of Thrones” showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss on a panel with Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner.

“For years, we tried to get Ed Sheeran on the show to surprise Maisie, and this year we finally did it,” Benioff said during a panel at the Austin, Texas festival, nodding to Williams who is a big fan of the musician.

No other details on Sheeran’s character or storyline were revealed, but when Variety reached out to HBO for further clarification, a spokesperson for the network did confirm he’ll be guest-starring, simply saying, “He has a role. No more details.”

After the showrunners talked about Sheeran, Turner quipped, “I’m still waiting on Bieber,” referring to Justin Bieber, to which Weiss replied, joking, “You’re waiting on Biebs? Season 9.”



Please allow me to grace you with some examples of the delights on offer during today’s food tour. This was the launch of The Bristol Food Tour’s South of the River tour and it was AMAZING! It’s the third tour I’ve been on now and I loved every second. (Check them out if you’re a local/in close proximity to/planning on visiting. I promise you won’t regret it!

- Bread and Cheese with Chutneys at Marks Bread
- A Mezze feast at Souk Kitchen
- Pizza (and yes those are potatoes on top!) at Bertha’s Pizza
- A Vegan Sausage Roll at Spike Island Cafe
- Hefe Beer at The Bristol Beer Factory
- 2 Chocolates from Zara’s Chocolates plus 2 items that I bought for myself

I feel so happy that I was able to enjoy this. I took a Tupperware for leftovers and packed one stop off item so I could save room and I’m glad I did. I ate until I was full, overfull perhaps, but not in a bad way at all. This is why recovery is worth it. This is why weight gain isn’t important. I had so much fun; THIS is living!

The Manners of Downton Abbey | A MASTERPIECE Special

(Warning - Episode 4.03 segment occurs from 31:42 to 33:08)

reasons why i wish we’d seen ed’s trial before he went to arkham:

  • jim giving his testimony, explaining what happened after he went to visit ed in his apartment, and the prosecution asking jim why he went to see ed in particular, and jim saying “because he was my friend”
  • jim on the stand, unable to look at ed because ed was his colleague and his friend, but ed tried to frame him and was more than willing to kill him and how does he even deal with that?
  • the defence asking jim if ed displayed any signs of mental instability in the weeks leading up to his attempt on jim’s life, and jim slowly realising that he’d noticed ed muttering to himself, or talking to someone who wasn’t there, and he’d just put it down to “nygma being weird”, but now he can clearly see that ed was suffering
  • ed hearing jim saying, again and again, that he was his friend, that he trusted him, and having to reconcile that with how he thought that jim just “pitied him”
  • jim admitting that he feels guilty about being unable to help ed before this all spiralled out of control
  • ed talking to a psychiatrist so they can determine if he’s sane enough to stand trial, and saying that he had to kill jim because jim knew he’d killed kristen. and obviously that doesn’t match up with jim claiming he had no idea, so the psychiatrist realises that ed is suffering from paranoid schizophrenia
  • jim and ed being unable to look at each other during the entire court proceeding because they were friends and they cared about one another, and now everything’s changed and everything hurts

Ed Speleers, Sophie McShera and Rob James-Collier on Alan Carr Chatty Man | Nov 2nd 2012

no but real talk for a second, rip ed nygma from season 1, the smol nerd who was compelled to tell riddles and couldn’t string a sentence together or look people in the eye and was socially awkward and autistically coded and who had a complete psychotic break and started hearing voices and seeing things and breaking from reality but didn’t know how to tell anyone because he was afraid they would think he was crazy so he just suffered alone until his mental illness consumed him


If celebrities traveled by TARDIS… where (and when) would they go? (via anglophenia​)

things to consider from the babs and ed team-up, courtesy of me and @edngyma​:

  • barbara rising to be the queen of gotham (which is actually looking likely, from the set photos)
  • ed becoming barbara’s second in command in the criminal underworld, and basically doing what he did for oswald, and organising her schedules and arranging meetings and being her criminal chief of staff (which would give him time to go off and do riddler stuff as well)
  • barbara rolling her eyes whenever ed wants to go off and do riddler hijinks, but she puts up with it because he’s actually good at his job. she might also find it endearing. just sayin’
  • barbara is the opposite of ed’s usual “type” so picture him slowly realising he’s attracted to her as she starts to get more power and become more villainous
  • likewise with barbara watching ed’s descent (rise?) to becoming the riddler, and just seeing how damn attractive that is. because come on. dark, arrogant, and confident are all very good looks on ed.
  • ed and barbara already seem to have a weird kind of mutual respect for each other (ed clearly knows barbara’s the leader out of butch, tabs, and babs. he defers to her when he goes to them for help in 3.11. and then, in 3.14, when oswald says “did i pass?” barbara turns to ed and clearly lets him decide if they kill oswald or not) so basically just imagine that growing as they spend more time together
  • ed and barbara becoming a power couple and ruling gotham city together like the awesome villains they are
playing groupie: night one || sophie and ed

Austin, LA, London, Germany. So far, Sophie’s previous couple of weeks had been spent in a plane and out of a suitcase, and as much as the actress loved her job to bits and all the opportunities that came along with it were beyond anything she could’ve ever imagined, sometimes, she just wanted to get home. But this morning, when she woke up after just one night of sleeping in her bed, she was all ready to go. Packing during the previous evening with Zoe on Skype had been fun, and helped by the wonderful YouTube beauty guru, she had managed to compile a couple of outfits put together with a couple of pieces she could swap in and out, and she thanked her lucky stars for Zoe during that time. She told her to pack dark clothes, because she could wear them more than once other than light ones, layers since she could get cold, and nicer stuff, and she also had help from Emilia with more… Unconventional approaches to the trip she was taking, but she pushed that to the back of her mind. In it, right now, she was just happy to go find Ed after long time without seeing him.

After the brief time they shared on set, with Sophie visiting where he was filming and how things worked with the Thrones family and how she hadn’t been so busy, she was often most of the times there, so she had enjoyed her time with the ginger, and when he offered a chance to join him at the start of his tour, she jumped right at it. She couldn’t lie to herself, she had developed a small crush on him, but that was all it was so far, and she wanted to have a good time while in Germany, and not go around following something that could never happen. First and foremost, a mate. The flight had been quick, just over an hour long, and the drive to the venue was even shorter, so when the actress got to it, she said her name to the people on the door and they let her in, wheeling her small-ish suitcase. She was baffled, she was absolutely loving the vibe, seeing the seats, trying to spot Ed somewhere in the empty theatre was harder than she thought. @edsheeriioxo