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Still going by Devereaux?


Last night I made a new decoden phone case for myself and it was the greatest thing ever. Most of the cabochons were purchased from Sophie&Toffee, The Mint Beadry, and Happy Kawaii Supplies. Tubbs and the sashimi were made by myself with polymer clay.

Currently, I am waiting for the silicone to fully dry because the DAP brand I bought was white when wet, but dries clear. I am not 100% what it will look like clear because I used alcohol inks to color the silicone as opposed to acrylic paints that makes it slightly more opaque.

Hello guys.

Today I’m back with a little product review uvu.

This time I bought this Deco Sauce from the Shop Sophie & Toffee. Normally I’m really happy and excited about what they can offer. But this time I was a bit disappointed.

The good thing I just ordered one to test this little bottles. That said… I can’t recommend them. This thing didn’t work in the slightest way. The tip of the bottle is this small that nothing comes out. No, it rather plopped open because the tip simply fell off after some pressing and made a mess. Fortunately I had some paper on my desk so it only stained the paper. But yeah.

Also.. after applying it with a toothpick to the case it didn’t stay there because it’s too wishy-washy. And after drying it simply lost it’s bright pink color and were a transparent dark rose color. (If I’m right this was never mentioned on the product description - or I’m just simply blind ugh..)

But yeah… like I said… I will not buy this again. In fact I prefer working with hot glue sticks in the color I want to use.

So that should be all for now I suppose ovo /