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Still going by Devereaux?

First off, I’d like to make sure everyone knows I’m no expert! I am just sharing my experiences and hope they can help other beginners who may not know where to start. This is all about cream and pieces!

1- Made from Silicone Caulk. This one I have had for a while and it was my first case made. It has noticeably yellowed in some areas and the icing is very flexibe and tears if you’re not careful. Cleaning it wont take out the yellow, as that is just what silicone caulking does. If you use this, please take this into consideration. It was also a mess to try and get on but the shapes holds GREAT and was relatively easy to squeeze out. Very smelly at first, and the smell generally stays in the silicone but is not very noticeable.

The pieces I used were all ordered from etsy, mostly from Sophie&Toffee. However I do not recommend this for your first case! Individual pieces can get pricey, so only do this if you plan on making one case and have a specific design you want to do.


2+3- Both made out of Mod Podge Collage clay. Which is my new favorite! I just made these and I have to say it was great! It does not seem to have an odor. Squeezing this one out was pretty hard and getting the shells out right didn’t work at all for my first case(3)! After a while it got looser and it was much easier to squeeze, as you can see on case 2. It has a very interesting textures, I think it’s appealing though. The shape held well, but not as nice as the silicone. However I think it’s the most appealing and looks like whipped cream. Sorry I did not show the other colors! *Highly recommend this one, as not only is it the best looking, but the tube has a LOT in it! The price is also great!*

The pieces on here were purchased in bulk, which I highly recommend! As you can see I got a great mix and putting together a nice theme is really easy! This is the bundle I bought.


4- This is the cream I bought from Sophie&Toffee. It has it’s ups and downs. The smell is great!! The case still smells delicious! I was a bit disappointed in how much the shape was lost, but if you get a more dramatic icing tip then maybe it will work better. I like and dislike the gloss it has, on one hand it looks pretty but on the other hand it doesn’t really look like whipped cream. I LOVE the color! It’s so white and even though I have had it for a while it’s still pristine! However I do not recommend this bottle because you’re lucky to get just one case out of it! I was squeezing the very last drops out hoping I could cover the whole thing!! The price isn’t bad, it’s about half as much as mod podge for this bottle (Currently out of white). But even if you buy two bottles, you won’t get as much use out of it as you can the mod podge cream.

Same pieces as cases 2 and 3!


Extra info and links:

Mod Podge Collage clay can be purchased in most craft stores and some other places like Walmart. Which is great because it’s local! 

Sophie&Toffee’s Etsy can be found here!


That’s it! Feel free to send me questions I will answer any!