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Pls help me understand something, there ate LOTS of fanarts of the chars in some fairy tales costumes, is this from the manga or?

The fantasy costumes were first introduced with the results of a popularity pool in chapter 120. An animated adaptation of it was realesed with the anime 3rd ending song, “Datte Atashi no Hero”.


rocky’s diner, 6:58pm

Pheobe: “you seriously don’t see any boys you think are cute here?”

Sophie: “no! not even a little bit. Brindleton Bay has no good looking boys. it’s official!”

Pheobe, laughing: “(scoffs) I can name 3 right now! Cameron Santos, um..”

Vanessa: “C-Cameron!”

Sophie: “Pheobe just said him”

Vanessa: “no! I- he’s by the Milkshake bar!”

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The manga is in front of the anime (in the story line) right?

Uh, you mean ahead, right? Well, definitely. Season 2 stopped around chapter 69/70 and the manga is currently ongoing with 160 chapters so far!
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