I think all pop music should be about who can make the loudest, brightest thing. That, to me, is an interesting challenge, musically and artistically. And I think it’s a very valid challenge – just as valid as who can be the most raw emotionally. I don’t know why that is prioritized by a lot of people as something that’s more valuable.

SOPHIE in Rolling Stone

Good stuff in this all around, especially on gender and their general process. 

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1. If your club didn’t exist, which team would you be supporting (within their league)? Why? Hm that is a really good question. With Bayern and the Bundesliga, if Bayern would not exist I would support Augsburg; small club but they go to EL this year! They’re awesome. And La Liga if there would be no Madrid ? Puh hard. But I think I would chose one of the Andalusian clubs - I have a soft spot for them.

2. Who is your ideal starting XI of all-time? Oh dear. Alright. 

Casillas/Buffon, Lahm, Boateng, Thiago Silva, Ramos, Guti, Ibrahimovic, Schweinsteiger, Robben, Raúl, Cristiano Ronaldo - I really don’t know if this would work. Forgive me if I messed things up.

 3. Football is: Life. Everything. Love. Pain. The game who destroys my life and mood (especially in March/April because CL)

4. What are your career aspirations? Puh. I would love to be a journalist or do something with writing but I’m not sure if this would work. Or something where I can travel a lot. We will see.

5. If someone were to define you, what adjectives do you suppose they’d use? I don’t know ? Passionate maybe, or kind? We should ask someone :D

6. Who is a player you feel to be underrated? Hojbjerg (at least he was that at Bayern) and it’s very weird but I think Mario Götze. He could be so fucking good. And he’s just sitting on the bench or plays positions where he can’t bring his full potential (and who’s fault is it..?). Maybe Boateng too, he sometimes gets a bit lost. And Maxwell as well

7. Arrange these managers from most to least favourite (or who is your fave/least fave): Carlo Ancelotti, Arsene Wenger, Brendon Rogers, Jurgen Klopp, Rafael Benitez, André Villas-Boas, Jose Mourinho, Diego Simeone /tbh the last two are both the worst)

8. If you had to choose a single word or phrase that you use frequently to define yourself, which one would it be? Erm. und so. Haha just kidding maybe “whatever”  I’M BAD WITH THAT STUFF :D

9. Who is your favourite footballer? Why? Guti. Because I love him and he’s gone and I still can’t handle it. Iker. Because of reasons. Because he brought me into spanish football. Arjen Robben. Because he is and will be my all time favorite. Because he always gives everything for his club. Basti. Because Bayern love. Zlatan. Because he’s one of my role models. Gigi. Because Gigi is just..Gigi. He IS football.

10. Was there a moment that defined you as a fan within football? When was it? World Cup 2006 because it was the first “intense” footbal expirience I had. Well and the CL finale 2012 we don’t talk about too because it just showed me that I will always support my team - no matter what.

11. How would you describe your club to someone who has never experienced a minute of football? We are a family. A big, loud, very supportive family. We have these “relatives” who are assholes (the people who boo their own players), we have everything. You’re never really alone and there’s no better feeling than being in the stadium, feeling the tension when your players is so close to score a goal and then the screams and celebrates when he scored. 


1. All time favorite player?

2. If you could live in any city in the world, where would you go and why?

3. Who is your favorite player from a rival team and why?

4. Do you already hate a city although you’ve never been there, just because of their football team? Which?

5. Why is your favorite player your favorite player?

6. What is your biggest fear?

7. What is your greatest strength as a person?

8. What three words would others probably use to describe you?

9. Are you dating the last person you talked to? 

10. One thing you always wanted to do but you can’t because you’re scared/have no money/live to far away?

11. And last but not least: Have you once disliked a player but then changed your opinion about him and now really like him?

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