Kpop Survey

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Rules: Post the rules, answer the questions the tagger set for you in the post and then make 11 new ones, tag 11 people and link them to your post, let them know you’ve tagged them.

First the questions I was asked:

1: ultimate bias and why?

Key, He’s perfect, looks good in anything, funny. Such a diva.    

2: who would you date for their personality?   

Dongwoo from infinite. so bubbly

3: what idol do you want to see act in a drama?  


4: favorite and least favorite ships?  

Favorite - Jongkey

Least Favorite - anything with jonghyun and key not together ^^  i just really like jongkey

5: if you could meet only 3 band what would they be?  

Shinee, Infinte, Nu'est

6: what idol do you try to be like?    

I don’t think i try to be like any

7: have you been to any concerts?  

No but if BigBang are coming to the UK in their tour then i’m going

8: group that you recently got into?  


9: what would be your role in a kpop group?   

Not sure, probably small singer role

10: story of how you got into kpop?   

I was watching a game tournament (sad i know) with a friend and kpop was being played in the breaks and i really liked it. haven’t stopped listening since

11: whats your favorite girl group?


Questions for you!

1. Favorite boy group?

2. Favorite Girl group?

3. Favorite solo aritist?

4. Story of how you got into kpop?

5. Ultimate Bias and why?

6. First Group you got into?

7. First MV you watched?

8. First song you listened to?

9. Brought any CD’s?

10. Favorite Kdrama?

11. Favorite OTP?