Why do they look like my parents sitting me down to have a talk about my unacceptable behavior on the weekend.

Liam: “Even though everyone else did it, didn’t mean you had to”

Harry: “You’re grounded.”

Louis: disappointed

Niall: I hope they don’t realize I encouraged this behavior


Saturday Detention

by @suddenclarityharry (FallingLikeThis)

“You see us as you want to see us—in the simplest terms, in the most convenient definitions. But what we found out is that each one of us is a brain…and an athlete…and a basket case…a princess…and a criminal. Does that answer your question?”

or The Breakfast Club Au that was dying to be written.

“ Liam and Sophia break up”
“ Niall and Selena”
“ Louis and Danielle”
“ Harry and Kendall”
“ Louis we support you”

anonymous asked:

Liam's messaging about why Belfast was cancelled isn't new material though. At the time, 1d themselves said it was Liam's diarrhea, but Dan had headlines about Liam having a breakdown. So Liam is validating that for whatever reason. If you look at most of the hatchet jobs Dan wrote in 2015, first Louis and now Liam are being called upon to cosign them, in the guise of heartfelt, "honest" interviews.

Here’s a good summary:

What does Dan have on Liam that he keeps getting these exclusives? Liam is officially untied to any strings from 1DHQ. Yet he gives an interview about a controversial date that serves little PR purpose for him. Why this interview, at this time?

Wootton would not publish an article putting 1DHQ/ Simon in a bad light unless there was secondary gain. Once again, it’s Liam taking the brunt of giving the official narrative. I have no doubts that all the boys were in mentally and emotionally stressed, and no one knows their true feelings bts. But keep in mind that they were ten days from their last tour concert EVER and they had never previously cancelled a concert for ANY reason.

As Cris said (, this interview discredits the fandom theory that the cancelled concert had to do with BG. It validates BG, for one thing. And it sets up Liam as the heartbroken lad who was rescued by Cheryl.

For the record, the interview comes out on the same day that we get a Blind Gossip column about a not-gay boybander (not Harry) fake-dating women his own age because he likes sex with an older woman ( Is Larry not real again, despite Blind Gossip’s Houis narrative in October 2016? Or is this item actually about Liam, having had a (phantom) long term relationship with Cheryl?

Here’s a detailed timeline of that Belfast day ( Things do not add up. I genuinely feel for Liam (and all the boys), but I feel this interview is another case of 1DHQ trying to rewrite 1D history.



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