Sophia Le is a PumpUp role model - PumpUp Spotlight Series

Want to learn more about how PumpUp member @SophiaLe stays active? She’s a print model and a huge role model on PumpUp! Sophia has tons of great advice to share about exercising, eating healthy, and keeping herself motivated! 

Sophia joined the PumpUp community in May 2014 in search of a platform where she could share and discuss health and fitness with like-minded individuals. “I initially only had Instagram and I loved posting pictures of my workouts and the food I cook—but I’m so into it and wanted to post about it all the time,” explains Sophia. “It seemed like instagrammers got annoyed with all my health and fitness stuff,” she chuckles. This can be discouraging, particularly for those just beginning their wellness journeys. “I wanted to join PumpUp because everyone on there is just as into it as I am, and they don’t get annoyed with my posts,” she elaborates. “I also like seeing the cool workouts other people do, so I can learn new ones to try and new recipes to cook.”

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Ever have that feeling where you’re super excited and super scared at the same time? Well that’s how I feel and that’s what let’s me know I’m doing something right. Always feel like I’m getting in over my head, but I love the fear. A little discomfort never hurt anyone😉

follow ur heart💜

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