*:・゚✧ the brightest stars in my galaxy that remind me constantly how infinitely beautiful our potential is when kind hearts and beautiful minds break boundaries. thank you for all the lessons, little loves, you mean the world to me for each one of you has shaped my experience maybe in one secular moment or over years of friendship. ily always & forever !!

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*:・゚✧ and in no particular order, sweet supernovas that will always inspire me to be a better blogger and person. you are all truly some of the best people i’ve ever seen occupy this blog-o-sphere, and i thank you for maintaining positivity always! if you’re bold, i love you extra much and might visit your blog more than i probably should to swoon over your posts and be inspired by what light you bring into this world (or tears because lbr - fandom rule #1) *blushes* xx

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Happy Birthday Sophia Anna Bush - July 8th, 2014.

“It feels pretty badass to feel strong, powerful, and like a #GrownWoman. It’s never an easy journey. But ladies, we deserve it. We are allowed to be brilliant and beautiful. We are allowed to be tough and feminine. We are allowed to be multifaceted. We’re worth it. Sending such love to all my ladies out there, and to the men who want us to shine.”

The new year is nearing and I just wanted to thank all my followers, you mean a lot to me, and some people in particular.

First of all I want to thank my SASS team: sophie1973, mimozka & awriterincowboyboots. You make this Tumblr experience even more fun than it already is and I can’t imagine to have the same experience without you girls! I look forward to when we’ll meet in May!

Then I also want to say thank you to the people that I talk to (some more often than others) and to whom I should talk more often. But nevertheless don’t forget that I really love you guys and I hope to meet you all one day! So thank you amandaecs, carolinas-dreams, olicityarrowfan (can’t wait to meet you too in May!), effie214, jbuffyangel, ageofaquarius , erinspirateanonwedlakeserenities.

Also a special thank you to humansrsuperior for putting up with my many questions and requests for your redbubble art. I’m really grateful and I just love everything I have bought :D

I also want to thank theirhappystory & ohmypreciousgirl for organising the Olicity Hiatus Project. I met some really nice people and it forced me to do something creative. I even ended up writing some fan fic, which I really like doing. I only hope I will have more time for writing in the next year :)

This is the first time I do a follow forever, however I won’t do it alphabetically like most follow-forevers but I will try to order them according to the ‘fandom’ I know them from:

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Happy holidays everyone!! And I hope you will have everything you wish for in the new year :)