Anons what is the problem if Soph fly one day for the 30th birthday of one of their close friend ? Jesse was working so he can’t go in LA with her. And Nia, Alex, Alexis, Brad, Michelle, Emily, Azita, follow him and liked a lot of his posts. This is just Amanda and Jonathan but Jesse meet them just one time at Alexis and Brad wedding. How you can say they don’t like him? You know nothing about her Life, Sophia was with a lot of couples exept Azita and Marissa, I’m sure she talking about her man ! If they don’t like Jesse they don’t followed him a couple of months ago. Jesse was not upset to her, he like Michelle and Emily post about the day, and the video of his girl. Stop being dramatic. If this is one of my best friend 30th birthday and I don’t working of course I fly to pass one day with her and my friends ! Sophia don’t see Amanda all the time and Jesse working what is the problem ? She spend saturday night and maybe afternoon with him, sunday morning and all the weeks! She’s don’t a Monster and a bad girlfriend with him, we know nothing about their private life, they seems so happy together and in love. If she don’t love him and never pass Time with him do you very think Jesse stay with her ? –’. Stop please stop this because of you my headache

I think it’s an absolutely ludicrous idea that beauty only fits in one box. You look at history, look at who are our most beautiful, iconic women in the world and they’re all different shapes and sizes and colors and heights. It doesn’t matter what measurement is around our thigh, it matters what you put out into the world. It matters how many times a day you smile, and are you good to the people in your life. Are you good to the people you work with? Are you good to your family and your friends? Are you good to your community? Those are the things that make a person beautiful.