Walk of Shame || Ethan & Sophia

The author had awoken earlier than usual, having not gotten much sleep thanks to the activities of the previous evening. As usual, he had gone to a bar and managed to sweet talk a very attractive woman into bed, something which he often did. Ethan wasn’t essentially that cocky or confident but he had discovered that women tended to swoon when they saw him or talked to him and he was always one to exploit that. The blonde next to him was still asleep and deciding that he didn’t wish to stick around, Ethan got up, looking around for his discarded clothes. It took a while, but soon he had found every item that had been haphazardly discarded the previous evening and dressed in the jeans, shirt and brogues that he’d worn to the bar. 

Once he had dressed, Ethan wrote a brief message to the woman on a piece of paper and left it on her bedside table with his number, never one to leave a one night stand without least some form of courtesy to his lover. After doing that, Ethan made sure that he looked presentable before sneaking out of the apartment, determined not to wake the woman. He almost succeeded in escaping undetected, if it hadn’t been for the woman who was outside the front door when he left. “Oh.. hello” Ethan said, once he’d shut the door behind him, “I was… uh… just leaving”