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what about Sophia tho? Are they gonna really let us hanging with her again? Didnt even get to be on the last episode smh.

THAT WAS SOME REAL BULLSHIT, LIKE REAL FUCKING BULLSHIT. THE FACT SHE WASN’T LIKE IN ANY OF THE EPISODES WHAT THE FUCK, but yo didn’t she met the voice from a season back when she was in MAX for her own safety? (I just woke up I remember like nothing but I think they showed the person she was talking to.)

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I'm sorry to ask this but i really worry about this i think ziam are together i'm worried that it's open relationship thats something that always bothered me when people say they believe that part me feels they love each other too much so i need your knowledgeable opinion


It’s okay that you are worried, lots of people are, but…..aajgsfjsdgfhdjkgs.

Okay lets get to business.

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