username playlist tag!!!!

tagged by the super cute flower-fingers

truffle butter by nicki minaj feat. drake and lil wayne

rhinestone eyes by the gorillaz

alchemy by above and beyond

sad machine by porter robinson

hold on, we’re going home by drake feat. majid jordan

t(hree, because not many songs start with 3 lmao):
time to pretend by mgmt

xo by beyonce

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and the irl baes ilaughwhenimdying lifeisnotsoawesome kihomie sophiaisabelleang and i would tag erica but the loser still hasnt unblocked me from that one time i sent her a picture of a minion pepe

dont do this if you dont feel like it!

I’m bored witless but always amused by the website and real_liam_payne on twitter not following follow Sophia tho she follows him apparently (not 100% its accurate and not sure how it would be able to spot followers on a protected account but anyway.) whereas fake_liam_payne on instagram does follow her. +

honestly i think lucy is more broken than the master. seriously—she’s able to sympathize with him. she supports and defends him.

he’s got the drums and 900 years of weight on his shoulders as the cause of his evil and megalomania…but she’s just a human.