While this was a heartbreaking scene to watch, they are not broken up. I can never hate Jay. I understood why he left. I just hate how they introduced the storyline, a ex wife/wife was not needed. They could have done in many different ways and had many opportunities to do so. I just hope they do this story justice and we actually get to see his past. And okay I will be honest, I want them to address the status of him being married. I want to know if the divorce papers got signed or Abby lied about them still being married. I just don’t want it to be a Kelly/Britney situation because I don’t think they got the marriage annulled/divorced

sophiabushWhen the Chicago homies collide at @chefsymon’s OH restaurant… Two entrees and five desserts later I’m ruined. I think I was supposed to eat for energy before my first day of filming on my v intense action movie? Whoops! #NotSorry #Cleveland #ActsOfViolence

PS. Spent three hours plotting new ways to engage in civil discourse and social activism with my boo @yourfavblackman. Y'all should be following him. Chicago is better because of you, B! Here’s to thoughtful and inclusive #resistance ✊️ and all of the love ❤️ #SundayFunday