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I don’t need to say anything… I’m still not over it :(

Hello Little Voices, this is just a reminder about the Sophia Bush birthday project (we only have 30 messages so far and we were expecting a lot more so please send them in):
Part 1:
We’ll be making a birthday page for her, filled with all your messages, graphics, videos, fan art, what ever you like. The url of page is be ‘HappyBdaySophiaBush’ and all you have to do is click the submit button and send in what you want. DEADLINE IS JULY 6TH!
Part 2:
This is for twitter users, we’ll be having a birthday countdown from July 5th - July 8th using the hashtag #SophiasBdayCountdown
July 5th (day 1) - why we love her: so you tweet something like “#SophiasBDayCountdown - day 1 why we love her; because @sophiabush inspires us.”
July 6th (day 2) - favorite role
July 7th (day 3) - favorite quote
July 8th (day 4) - birthday: if you joined part one then tweet her the page and if you didn’t then just send her a birthday message.
Part 3:
Also for twitter, we’re going to try and trend 'Happy Birthday Sophia’ worldwide at 9:00PM Europe, 3:00PM EST, 8:00PM UK so if you can please join we need over 1,000 tweets.
If you have any questions contact me via tumblr (LindsaysHalstead) or our twitters @brookedaviz, @rachie323, @caitlindore. We hope you all can join. Please spread the word as much as you can & if you’re on twitter retweet this here.