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Okay but do you remember that scene of Brooke and Lucas kissing in his car in the backseat? Like she's leaning in and his hands are like on her neck and its just such a cute moment to me. What's your fav B&L scene?

I have quite a few actually.

“There are 82 letters in here…”

I still know that entire speech. Like I legit thought it was magical when I watched it as a teen. OTH can go overboard with their speeches, which is why I kind of don’t feel the need to watch it as an adult, I actually find it very trite but the Brucas speeches are always concise and simple and beautiful because it gets to the point without all the hyperbole. And this scene is just a great scene between Chad and Sophia and Lucas and Brooke.

“I’m the guy for you, Brooke Davis”

Because duh. I remember squealing like an idiot when this happened because it was so cool and I totally want a boy to do this for me.

The rain kiss

So my best friend and I used to talk in code about the guys we had a crush on by using character names of the boys we liked on TV and we still sort of do that in a different way because we’re dorks and we always talk about the stare and the first stare we ever spoke about was the “Lucas Stare” because OTH was how she and I became friends and then later on was the “Dean Stare” and the “Stefan Stare” but the Lucas Stare originated from the Rain Kiss

“We’re just friends. Nothing more.”

Because it was so angsty and it was driving me crazy because they just wanted to be together so much but bullshit got in the way but seeing Lucas’ face really let me know he was serious about being with Brooke again and that the thought of not being with her hurt him deeply.

“You know you look amazing, right?”

Because that tension.

“Crazy girl”

I usually hate nicknames but I loved Brucas’ “Crazy Girl” “Pretty Girl” and I liked this scene particularly because it was just adorable.

“Have a nice summer, Brooke.”

OK so I didn’t start watching OTH from season 1, in fact I was resolutely against watching OTH because I was already into The OC but I saw this scene when I was flipping through my channels and I was like OH MY GOD WHAT IS HAPPENING, WHY IS SHE CRYING, WHY WON’T SHE SAY SHE WANTS TO BE WITH HIM WHEN SHE SO CLEARLY DOES, WTF?

and then I binge-watched OTH that summer, so it was the introduction to OTH.

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what makes you ship brucas over leyton?

OK so I answered this question before so for people who have read it there may be some overlap.

I understand why Leyton ended up together and I can respect the descision but I still ship Brucas over Leyton for a few reasons.

1)  In my opinion Lucas and Brooke/Chad and Sophia had better chemistry. Even after the divorce, their onscreen chemistry never wavered and that really sells me on ships.

Just, I find there is such warmth and longing and intimacy in their stares and their hugs and it really feels like a coming together of two people, it really feels like they’re good for that moment that they’re in each other’s arms and a lot of what makes a couple work is the things unsaid that’s communicated through their physicality and Brucas really had that whereas Leyton to me felt colder to me even at their most intimate, even at their goofiest, I just didn’t get that connect that the show was working so hard to convince me that they had. So that’s one reason.

2) I  think Brooke and Lucas complemented each other even though that was supposed to be Leyton’s foundation. Lucas could see Brooke’s potential, he could see that she would do great things, he could see that she had a ponderous and serious side while also accepting and rejoicing in her extroverted, fun-loving side while I believe Brooke made Lucas a better person, more selfless and aware of those around him, which is why in season 2 Mouth tells Lucas that he’s loved Brooke for a long time but he didn’t mind seeing her with Lucas because they both had big hearts.  While with Peyton I just felt like Lucas was too wrapped up in their cosmic, doomed love, which actually relates to Peyton individually — with Lucas, she was a terrible friend and was a lot more self-righteous but when she was with Jake (Jeyton is another couple I ship because I thought they got the angst and the lightness at an exact balance that Leyton just couldn’t achieve:

) she was more caring toward those around her.

3) which is related to 2 I think Brooke and Lucas were truly themselves when they were together. Something about Leyton, it was like Lucas had to keep up his tormented, brooding persona in order for that relationship to work whereas with Brooke there was more dimension to who he was and vice verse. But of course these are all just my interpretations ;) 


“At this moment there are 6,470,818,671 people in the world. Some are running scared; some are coming home. Some tell lies to make it through the day; others are just now facing the truth. Some are evil men, at war with good; and some are good, struggling with evil. Six billion people in the world. Six billion souls. And sometimes, all you need is one” - Peyton Sawyer

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I always really thought there had to be a certain amount of sexual tension between actors who are portraying lovers for it to come across well. For example Matt Davis and Sara Canning had no sexual tension between them and it came across that way onscreen. I didn't even need Matt to admit there was no romantic chemistry between them because it showed. That's why I think attraction plays a part. It's also why Nian's chemistry failed from s5 on. They broke up and their attraction/tension vanished.

OK you can think that and I’m not saying that that isn’t the case with certain dynamics, like in Charmed for instance, Cole and Phoebe were the “fiery” couple but I always thought their chemistry was manufactured because it looked like they were trying way too hard to be the fiery couple:

whereas Prue and Cole, I thought there was a lot of sexual tension there for absolutely no reason and for two characters who hardly interacted:

And I found out when I was older it was because Shannon and Julian were dating in real life.

But I don’t think that real life sexual attraction is necessary. I don’t think Nina and Ian had great chemistry when they were dating either, like this:

to me, could never compete with this:

Or even this:

doesn’t sell me like this:

but yes when Ian and Nina broke up, it was painful and awkward and uncomfortable to see Elena and Damon onscreen but their chemistry imo wasn’t that strong to begin with. Whereas Chad and Sophia, when they got divorced in season 3 and beyond of OTH Brooke and Lucas still had the amazing chemistry of seasons 1 and 2:

Which is why onscreen chemistry can most definitely come from sexual attraction but the two things aren’t mutually exclusive.