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“I’ll be Dreaming of You”

The credits on the television started to roll, making you realise how tired you had become throughout the night.

Sophia was out with Liam for the weekend, allowing you to have the house to yourself, which you were glad about since you had to finish an assignment that was due in a weeks time. However, since it was Saturday night - and let’s face it, you didn’t want to spend your Saturday night alone and at home, eating a whole pizza to yourself and drinking a whole bottle of cheap wine that you had bought earlier that evening - so you had asked Harry round for some company. Ever since the two of you had met that night a few weeks ago, the two of you had been inseparable. Obviously, you didn’t flaunt this out in the public for only speculations and rumours to occur, but whenever Harry had some time off from recording songs and doing interviews, he was around at yours. You loved having him around, you played scrabble religiously, had cook off’s to see who could bake the better cookies (which he won and didn’t cease to let you forget about it either) and also watched some of your favourite movies together.

It was inevitable, you had some feelings that were bubbling away in your stomach for him, even though you denied profusely when Sophia asked about it one day and continued to say that the two of you had spent a lot of time together, to which you replied, “Well, maybe we just like each others company, doesn’t mean that we have feelings for each other,” huffing in the passenger seat and crossing your arms over your chest, acting like a five year old that was allowed to get the toy they wanted. Even the boys had taken to messing with Harry and asked him questions about you, full well knowing that once you were mentioned, he wouldn’t stop.

It was cute, they could see a budding romance form before their very eyes and the two of you seemed to blind to it - or atleast pretending to be.

“Well, that was a good movie,” Harry stated from beside you, you looked up lazy at him, your hooded eyes telling just how tired you were. “and maybe it’s bedtime for you missy,” he continued, cupping your chin with his fingers and squeezing your cheeks so that your lips involuntary made fish lips which earned a chuckle from the curly haired boy next to you.

You nodded your approval and yawned, standing up and collecting the pizza boxes and leaving the empty bottle of wine and glasses for Harry to grab. After leaving the boxes, bottle and glasses in the kitchen, deciding that you would clean up in the morning, you both headed up to your bedroom, it wasn’t long before you both were under the covers of you bed, all cosy and warm.

“My bed is too small for two people,” you groaned into your pillow. Harry smiled and placed an arm around your torso bringing you in closer to his warm and shirtless body.

“I like your single bed, means we get to cuddle the whole night,” He replied, shifting his head closer to yours. You brought you gaze up to him, cocking an eyebrow at him playfully.

“If you keep that up, you’ll be cuddling yourself on the floor mister,” you hit back, earning an ‘oooh’ from Harry. Although, you would never do such a thing because he was making the bed very warm and you secretly loved how your bodies fitted together.

It fell silent, the room was dark and cold outside of the covers of the doona. The only sound you could was the mingling of your breathing with Harry’s, a little out of sync with him. The silence continued for a few more moments before Harry spoke up.

“I like spending time with ya, ya muppet,” you smiled, feeling all fuzzy inside. Heart rate definitely speeding up, and your hands starting to go clammy.  

“Me too,” you replied, “I like it when it’s just us,” you continued.
You both had never told the other how you actually felt, the thought made you a nervous wreck and the thought of getting rejected by him was too much to risk telling him. Even though you had only known him for a short while, he seemed like such an important person in your life already, and risking your friendship was something that you did not want to do.

You reached forward and wrapped your arms around his neck, bringing him in for a hug, his leg nudging in-between yours, his chest pressed against yours and his curls covering your face - even a few strands getting caught in your lips.

You felt so comfortable in his arms that you started to drift off to sleep, his thumb gently moving across your cheek which made you doze off quicker, and kiss placed to your forehead and a gently pull towards his body had you fast asleep in his arms.

He looked down at your beautiful features, admiring them intently, feeling on top of the world. Another kiss being pressed to your head, feeling so content and happy right in this very moment, whispering, “Goodnight, poppet. I’ll be dreaming of you,”

Eleanor...GIRL. WHAT.

Louis’ Team: Eleanor, girl, we need you bad. Come back for all the 10/10 A+ Two Thumbs Up PROMO.

Eleanor: [abandons all job prospects, sponsors, blogs and her best friend, Max] 

Revolve: “Sophia Smith…and guest.”

Bebe: Who is Eleanor?

Louis: I went to Amsterdam without you and all I could do was think about you.


okay but can you imagine

Jane Austen’s Persuasion

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