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What if your favorite movie was remade today, who would be your dream team? 

The Outsiders Dream Team

Director: David Fincher – (Gone Girl, the Social Network, Fight Club, Seven, Zodiac, and Panic Room)Francis Ford Coppola (The Godfather, The Godfather Part 2) directed “The Outsiders” in 1983 and filling his shoes would be a tough act to follow. The perfect director to remake “The Outsiders” would be David Fincher (Gone Girl, The Social Network, Fight Club, and Seven.) Fincher resume is impressive when it comes to action thrillers and drama. Fincher could take the novel and previous movie and enhance the characters, pivotal plot points and intensity of the story.

Screenwriter:  Joel Coen & Ethan Coen (Fargo, No Country for Old Men, The Big Lebowski, and True Grit) I am throwing a curve ball and having the Coen brothers write the script for the remake of “The Outsiders.” The Coen brothers have an excellent resume when it comes to creativity and screen writing. Even though the script would be faithful to the book, the Coen brothers could be creative and put their own vision and spin on characters and the plot. As much as I love the novel and movie, I feel the writing could improve the emotional drive of certain side characters.  

Cinematography: Roger Deakins – (Sicario, Prisoners, True Grit, No Country of Old Men, and A Beautiful Mind)Basically, to pick a cinematographer, I thought of some of the most beautiful shot movies that I have seen recently, Sicario. I did a quick google search and quickly it became very clear to me that Roger Deakins would be the best fit for the Outsiders remake. Stevie Wonder original sung “Stay Gold” in the original 1983 movie. I narrowed my artists down to Bruno Mars, John Legend, but ultimately decided to go with the Queen bee; Beyoncé. After carefully thought and various debates with myself, I selected my dream cast if “The Outsiders” were to get remade today. I must note, if this would five years ago, my cast would be completely different. It broke my heart that Jake Gyllenhaal didn’t make the cut. His career has taken off and it would be hard for me to believe Gyllenhaal could play a twenty year old. CAST:

Ponyboy Curtis –Finn Wolfhard 

Ponyboy was one of the hardest to cast since he’s the protagonist and youngest (14 years old) of the Greasers. I needed to pick an actor would be able to have chemistry with his brothers, Greasers, and the Socs. Finding an actor, that could be convincing as a fourteen year was difficult until I thought of the hottest show on Netflix, “Stranger Things.” Finn Wolfhard plays Mike on “Stranger Things” and he’s one of the best aspects of the show. It makes perfect sense to me now and couldn’t think of any other actor to portray Ponyboy.

Johnny Cade –Timothee Chalamet

Johnny is an important character and essential the heart of the story. He’s a child of abuse and considers the Greasers his family. Casting Johnny, I needed to find an actor would was older but looked young. Timothee Chalamet came up in a search and quickly casted him as Johnny. He’s been in minor roles in films (Interstellar) and could see “The Outsiders” as his big break.

Dallas Winston – Ezra Miller

Dallas is the toughest among the greasers, very protective of Johnny and has the James Dean’s vibe. I am casting Ezra Miller as Dallas because Ezra Miller is a fantastic actor. It was an interesting choice but I think Ezra Miller can bring out Dallas’ charm, defensiveness, and self-destructive attitude.

Darrell Curtis (Darry) – Aaron Taylor Johnson

Darrell was the hardest to me to cast because I need an actor to be able to convincing have the presence as the oldest and father figure of the group. Aaron Taylor Johnson entered my mind as his performance in “Nocturnal Animals” was hauntingly disturbing.  Johnson’s resume is impressive as I think he will be able to convey Darry’s emotions in more body movement then dialogue.

Sodapop Curtis –Tye Sherdian

Sodapop is the best looking, laid back, easy going guy of the group. He is the middle child and does his best to help his older brother Darry and younger brother Sodapop. Tye Sheridan is a popular, attractive, young actor is definitely can play the sensitive, heart of gold, Sodapop.  

Cherry Valance -Sophia Turner

This was a no brainer for me. Who’s a popular actress that has a bright future ahead for them and happens to be a red-head? Sophia Turner! She’s beautiful and already has an impressive resume with “Games of Thornes” and playing Jean Grey in “X-Men Apocalypse”.  Sophia will be able to bring Cherry’s beauty, innocent, heart and fieriness.  

Two Bit Mathews –Taron Egerton

I love Taron Egerton and I knew I had to cast him in the remake. Emilio Estevez originally played the humorous and tough Two Bit Matthew, so I want to pick an actor who’s known and is going to have a successful career.

Steve Randall – Tom Holland

Steve Randall is Sodapop’s best friend and has a minor role but was originally played by the one of only Tom Cruise. So, I knew I had to pick a young actor who is going to have a massive career like Tom Cruise. So, I picked another Tom. Tom Holland is the next Spiderman. He’s young, talented, and can easily pull off Steve’s charm.

Bob Sheldon –KJ Apa

Bob was the first character I cast because I can perfectly vision KJ Apa (Riverdale) playing a drunk, entitled jock. He’s great on Riverdale and can easily portray Bob.

Randy Anderson – Josh Hutcherson

Josh Hutcherson is famous for this role as Peeta in the Hunger Game Series, so the reality of him taking a minor role might be hard to believe. I think Josh can portray Randy, Bob’s best friend in a realistic way. He has a crucial part towards the end of the book with Ponyboy and I can see Josh giving Randy more depth. This was fun to do! Think of your favorite movie and create your own cast!

female film directors

“It’s irrelevant who or what directed a movie, the important thing is that you either respond to it or you don’t. There should be more women directing; I think there’s just not the awareness that it’s really possible. It is.” - Kathryn Bigelow

I’ve been thinking a lot about the Stonewall riots recently and how the leaders of that movement were some serious real life superheroes. So, I drew Sylvia Riviera, Marsha P Johnson, and Miss Major Griffin-Gracy fighting for justice!

Sophia was doing an internship at a local elementary school. She grown really close to all of the students but one really had her heart. His name was Kyle and he absolutely followed her everywhere. He’d always want to play with Sophia and would ask her to read him stories. Sophia found Kyle really adorable. One day, Sophia and Ms. Johnson were waiting for Kyle’s father to come. “Is he usually late?” Sophia asked Ms. Johnson. “Not usually but sometimes he has, yes. He quite young,” Sophia listened as she grinned over at Kyle who was playing with some toys.
Sophia decided to join the little guy, playing with him as they waited. About fifteen minutes later, a tall man who was quite young walked into the classroom. “Kyle, who is that?” She said with a smile, Kyle ran over and said, “Daddy!” Sophia stood, “Hi, I’m Ms. Roux.” She introduced herself, “Don’t sorry about the time, we were having fun, weren’t we?” She asked Kyle. She had to admit that the male in front of her looked young and around her age.

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