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The different looks of Judith Grimes

The “Guys, I really don’t think it’s a good idea” look

The “That’s my favorite game” look

The “Hey, brother” look

The “I’m totally agree with you” look

The “Mum you’re so beautiful” look

The “My gosh, can you just stop talking to me” look

The “Who do you think you are” look


“Well I’m the real star of the show so I can look right into the camera if I want! Do you have a problem with that ?”

This little one is becoming my new favorite actress! She deserves an Emmy 🙈!

Daryl x Reader - I love you (One shot)


3. “Not because I hate you, but because I love you.”

Fandom: The Walking Dead

Pairing: Daryl Dixon x Reader

Prompt taken from  hyenaswritings ‘s list

English is not my first language so, sorry for eventual grammatical errors.

Set on season 2

Warning: fluff, sexual situation, a little bit of angst (just a little, the rest is all love for Daryl ♥

It was supposed to be a drabble but I wrote a oneshot 

Plot: Daryl is upset because he can’t find Sophia and for this reason he distance himself from everybody, even from (Y/n).

It’s been three days since we arrived at the Greene’s farm.

Even if we have to camp outside, in the RV, it’s good to finally stay in a safe place.

However, if our situation got better, something change.

First of all, Sophia got separated from us while we were running away from a horde of walkers.

Everyday all of us went outside, in the forest, looking for her, but without success.

Her disappearance didn’t affect just Carol, but Daryl too.

Me and Daryl were close, he and his brother saved me from a walker at the beginning of the apocalypse, then we grow close when the group left Merle on a roof during a ran. However, after Sophia’s disappearance, he started to change. Every time he came back from the forest, he was angry, he talked back at all of us, including me, and that hurts so much.

Today was no different. I saw Daryl walking to the stable, so I decide to go after him.

“Hey stranger! Where are you going?”
Daryl doesn’t stop and keep walking: “I take an horse and go outside, lookin’ for the little girl”

He sounds annoyed, but I keep talking to him anyway: “Can I come with you? I’m pretty good at riding”

Daryl stops and turns around at me: “Listen, just leave me alone, all of you must leave me alone! Just because I saved your life and open myself to you after what happened to my brother, doesn’t mean that I care about you or that your special. AND NOW LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE”.

I couldn’t believe it.

It’s true thathe just broke my heart, I deeply care about him, but that was enough to make me angry: “You know what? You aren’t the only one that is suffering. Carol is suffering, everybody are suffering because all of us love Sophia! Don’t you think that I suffer just at the thought that she’s alone and scared out there? Just because you’re upset, it doesn’t mean you have to treat everyone like shit! Especially people who deeply care about you:”

I turn around before he could see my tears, and run toward the farm.


Today I help Maggie and Patricia with the dishes, both of them could see that I was upset, but I didn’t want to talk about that. I just wash the dishes in silence.

I keep thinking about Daryl and the things he said to me.

Of course I didn’t think that he could feel something for me, but I couldn’t believe that I was nothing to him.

Suddenly there was commotion outside, so I run toward the RV.

“What’s happening?”

Shane and Rick were arguing with Andrea.

Rick turns to me: “There’s a walker there, Andrea wants to shoot him but the shot could draw walkers here”.

In the distance I could see a silhouette, it was stumbling toward us.

Without thinking I take my knife and start running in its direction.

As I get closer to it, that silhouette became clear…it was Daryl!
All of sudden I hear a shot and Daryl fall to the ground.
“No!” I start crying and when I finally reach him I check  where the wound is.

In that moment Rick, Shane and Andrea reach us.

I listen Andrea gasps: “oh god, I thought it was a walker”

Anger rise up in my body, I stand up and grab here by her shoulders:

“ How could you!? Didn’t they tell you not shoot?!” I scream while pointing at Rick and Shane who take Daryl up.

“(Y/n) calm down, it’s just a scrape, we take him to Hershel so he can check him up”. 
Of course Shane would back-up Andrea.


I stay with Daryl in his room, he didn’t wake up yet.

I skipped dinner, I was too worried.

Hershel said that the bullet just scrape him, the main problem was the dehydration and the wound on his leg.

Apparently, he fell from the horse.

Suddenly he starts to move and moan: “Where am I?”

I was so happy that without thinking I stood up from the chair and hugged him, forgetting about his state:
“Oh god, you’re okay! I thought I lost you”.

He was confused but put an arm around me: “What happened?”
I tell him about Andrea, and how lucky he was that she hasn’t a good aim, he laughed at that.

Then I decided to leave him to rest, so I got up and start heading to the door when I feel a grip on my wrist:
“Please stay….I need you..I didn’t mean what I told you earlier today”.

I was taken aback; I smiled at him and lay down beside him: “ That’s fine, but I’m still angry at you”.


After two days Daryl was ready to go back to his tent, again he distance himself from us, and , after what he told me when he was recovering I decide to confront him.

It was dinner time so I took a dish for him.

Once I arrive to his tent I give him the food and sit with him.

There was silence, and I couldn’t take it anymore: “Ok, what do you want from me?”
He look up from the plate with wided eyes: “ what do you mean?”

I continue: “Before we were so close, we talk about anything, then you tell me that you don’t care about me, that I’m not special and brake my heart, and a few hours later you beg me to stay with you because you need me. WHAT DO YOU WANT DARYL DIXON?”

Tears start to fall from my eyes: “why do you play with my feelings? Why do you hate me so much”

I stand up, ready to leave him alone, but suddenly he stand up too, and walk toward me: “Damn! It’s not because I hate you, but because I love you”.

I look at him with a surprised look on my face.

He loves me?

“I love you ok? I was scared because there is a chance to lose you, and I didn’t want to suffer. But when I was out there, and I was delirious, the only thing I could think was you, I made it to the farm because of you, you gave me the strength to fight because I wanted to see you again and tell you what I really feel”.

After that he starts to lean down, I stood on my tip and we crush our lips together.

This kiss was full of love and care.

After a while we parted: “I will never hurt you again (Y/n).”
He lean down to kiss me again, the kiss became more passionate, his tongue parts my lips and make love with my tongue.

We went into his tent and started to take off our clothes. That was the best night of my life.


I wake up to the sound of birds chirping.

I was slump on Daryl’s chest, memory from the previous night come back at me, and I can’t help but smile.

Suddenly I feel kisses on my head: “Good morning (Y/n)”
I smile and kiss his chest: “Good morning babe”

He squeeze me with his arms and say: “You wore me out yesterday”
I giggle: “Told you I was good at riding”

He laughed and kisses my head.

Finally I was happy in the arms of my beloved redneck.

I’ll have this print and more at the san Fransisco Walker Stalker Con this weekend. I will be at booth #209.
The Walking Dead, Season One
#TheWalkingDeadSeasonOne #FanArt #SFWSC

Still not over this. Imagine: Melissa and Madison Lintz’s absolutely adorable little brother meet sometime in 2011 when Macsen is so little, visiting his big sister on set and Mel takes this precious pic. Then 6 years later, they meet again! They meet again to work together, on the same show where the kid’s big sister played Melissa’s little girl!

Daryl x Reader - It's always you (Request)


Requested by Anon:  Hey! Can you please write an imagine with daryl where they are in the farm and the reader is younger so Shane notice that they’re in love so he goes mad and all but it has a fluffy end?

I hope you like it anon ♥

(Y/e/c)= Your eye color

(Y/h/c)= Your hair color

Warning: Attempted sexual assault (but the rest is Daryl fluff)


It’s been five days since Sohpia’s disappearance and you could tell that everyone are upset and stressed out by the fact that she hadn’t left any phisical evidence that could help our reserch.

Sit on the porch of Hershel’s house, you stare at the horizon.

The sun is almost set but all you can think about is where Sophia could possible be.

The though of her all alone and scared makes you really sad.

Suddenly you hear someone get close…It was Daryl.

“Hey! Did you find her?” you asked smiling, with an hint of hope in your voice.

“I’m sorry…”

“Oh” the smile dropped from your face while you lower your head sadly.

“Hey, we will find her…here!” he lift his hand to show you a flower:” It’s a Cherokee Rose…The story is that when American soldiers were moving Indians off their land on the trail of tears the Cherokee mothers were grieving and crying so much ‘cause they were losing their little ones along the way from exposure and disease and starvation. A lot of them just disappeared. So the elders, they, uh, said a prayer. Asked for a sign to uplift the mothers’ spirits, give them strength and hope. The next day, this rose started to grow right where the mothers’ tears fell. I took one for Carol but somehow they reminds me of you”.

He puts the flower on your hair, however he doesn’t pull his hand away but he lingers it on your cheek.

Smiling you lean into his touch.

“I better go now” Daryl says pulling away and turning to walk to his tent.


He stops on his traks, waiting for you to continue: “Thank you…for everything” you say, giving him a kiss on his cheek.

Daryl didin’t answer, he just smile and walks away, not aware that someone watched the whole scene, not liking it one bit.

Shane always like the young girl; how her (Y/e/c) shine and how her beautiful (Y/h/c) hair frame her face.

She was perfect but really young; on her twenty’s so he didn’t approach her before.

However, seeing her with Daryl made him so angry that he decided that now it’s the time for some action.


You were on your way to the RV when someone grabbed your wrist:
“Hey (Y/n)! Can I show you something?”

You stare at him suspiciously so he continues:
“It’s about Sophia, tomorrow you’ll go looking for her with Rick so I wanna show you area you two will inspect”.

“Oh…ok lead the way then”.

The table where the group reunite before going out the farm, is situated near the barn, so you didn’t suspect anything; however Shane stops and quickly turns toward you: “You and Daryl seems pretty close”.

Confused by his sudden interest on you and Daryl you answered: “Mmmh…yeah, so what?”

“Well…don’t you mind what people would think? I mean, he could be your father”.

You start to feel anger grows in you.

Why does he care?
“No! I don’t care about our age gap, we’re living in a word where dead people roam the streets so, do you really think that people will care about me and Daryl being together?”

Seeing that he can’t separate You from Daryl made Shane so angry that he push you violentely against the barn’s side, blocking you and starting to nip and kiss your neck:
“Shane what are you doing?”
“I’ll make you feel good, he doesn’t deserve you”

You start screaming for help but Shane muffled your cry with his left hand: 

“Sssh…Aren’t older men your thing, huh?”

When Shane start to unzip your jeans, tears stream down from your eyes.

When you think that there’s nothing left to do, you see Shane being threw down by someone:
“Stay away from my girl you son of a bitch”

Through your teary eyes you see Daryl on top of Shane, punching him on his face.

“Daryl stop! You’ll kill him!”

Hearing your broken voice, he stands up, leaving an unconscious Shane on the ground, and envelope you into a tight hug.

“It’s you…it’s always you that save me from walkers and…people” you say, sobbing into his chest.

Daryl kisses the top of your head, whispering sweet nothings to sooth you.

When you finally calmed down, you take his ruined hand and kissed his knuckles:”Let’s go patch-up your hand and then we going to sleep into your tent”.

Smiling he just added:” Into our tent”, before walking with you back to the farm.


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“This is my family. I found it, all on my own. It’s little, and broken, but still good. Yeah, still good...”

"Marry me."  (A Walking Dead ficlet, Caryl).

So.  This was meant to be some cute, self-soothing fluff of sorts because I’ve had a seriously rough week, but things took a bit of an angsty turn because reasons. 

Anyway.  This is a non-ZA AU in which Carol and Daryl grew up as childhood friends.  The ending is kind of cliffhanger-ish because this little story seed is desperately trying to germinate into something else altogether and I just might let it if inspiration and interest coincide.  That said, I think I’ll wait about posting it on 9L until I make my final decision. 

Enjoy and let me know what you think.  Worthy of a continuation or not? 


“Marry me.” 


Carol nearly dropped the plate in her hands.  “What…what did you just say?” 


Picking nervously at his thumb nail, Daryl refused to meet her eyes, instead studying the double knotted laces of his work worn boots, the checkered pattern of her kitchen floor, anywhere else really than at her.  “You heard what I said,” he muttered. 


“I heard you,” she confirmed after a moment, her mind still reeling and her equilibrium dangerously off-balance.  Her best friend had just proposed to her—her sweet, socially challenged, romantically stunted best friend, and she just couldn’t wrap her brain around what had just happened.  So, she finished drying the plate she was holding and put it away in the cupboard with the rest of their Sunday dinner dishes, taking the time to carefully mull over her words.  But it seemed there wasn’t a handbook for this sort of situation filed away in her subconscious.  “I heard you.  It’s just…why?” 


Cheeks pink and voice soft and gravel-laced, Daryl mustered up a fumbling explanation.  “Heard you talkin’ with ‘Chonne.  She said…” 


Comprehension dawned on her, and her heart did a little twisting somersault behind her ribs.  “My chances of winning sole custody of Sophia would be better if I could provide her with a loving, two-parent home.  You were eavesdropping.”  


“Didn’t mean to,” he admitted shyly.  “Ain’t the point, though.  Point is, that asshole don’t deserve that little girl.”  His voice gained strength with the conviction of his belief in what he was saying, and that confidence had him standing tall and brave across from her, his blue eyes glittering and intense.  “Just wants her for ‘ppearances.  Same reason he went out and got himself a new wife ‘fore the ink done dried on your divorce papers.” 


Carol couldn’t deny the truth in what he was saying; she didn’t even bother. Hugging her arms tight around herself, she did, however, remind him of another part of the conversation he hadn’t yet mentioned.  “If you heard us talking, you know my feelings about the situation.” 


His bravado deflated somewhat, and his thumb gravitated to his mouth.  “Yeah,” he answered gruffly.  “Think it’s bullshit, too.  Don’t mean the judge will, though.” 


He wasn’t wrong.  God knows the King County court of law had never treated him or his kin favorably and the odds certainly weren’t in her favor.  She didn’t need Michonne to tell her that.  But a part of her, that long dormant, recently reawakened independent streak, bristled fiercely at the notion that, one way or another, she needed a man to validate that she was qualified to raise her own child.  Lost in her own head, she didn’t immediately respond to him, and she didn’t realize how badly he’d misread her silence until his shoulders slumped completely and he started talking himself down. 


“Ain’t exactly husband material,” he mumbled.  “Still ain’t figured out what you seen in me all those years ago.  Weren’t nothin’ but a skinny kid that got picked on for bein’ poor as dirt and a Dixon to boot.  Still ain’t much of nothin’.” 


Her throat grew tight because here he was, one the best people she’d ever known, and he still had no idea of his own value as a person.  “Don’t say that,” she all but begged.  “Don’t.  You’re good as gold, and anybody’d be lucky to have you.” 


He grunted and ducked his head, his dark blond bangs falling across his furrowed forehead.  “Just not you.” 


“Daryl, we don’t even love each other like that.”  Even as she said it, a tiny part of Carol protested, calling her out on the lie because once upon a time fifteen-year-old her used to dream about such a moment, fantasized herself Mrs. Daryl Dixon.  But he was who he was, always would be, and she didn’t want to change him so she took what she could get:  his unwavering friendship.  Twenty-five-year-old her didn’t feel all that different.  The relationship they’d built over the years, from childhood to young adulthood, was precious to her.  Could she really jeopardize it over something so selfish as her desire to keep her baby girl out of her ex-husband’s clutches?  She swallowed back her building tears as she watched him bend to scoop up Sophia’s kitten and cradle it against his broad chest with tender hands. 


Absently, Daryl scratched between the little calico’s ears and it purred loudly and started kneading at his arm with tiny sharp claws, content in its comfortable perch while he considered her words.  “Maybe not,” he finally said.  “Don’t mean I can’t keep you and ‘Phia safe.  Maybe even make you happy.” 


“What about you?” she gently reasoned. 


He merely shrugged and quirked a self-deprecating smile at her.  “Ain’t so important.” 


“Don’t,” she scolded with a shake of her head, lifting her hands to tuck her hair behind her ears.  She huffed when a stubborn red curl escaped anyway and tugged her bottom lip between her teeth, fretting, “I can’t believe we’re really having this conversation.” 


“It really that crazy?” he challenged.  “Idea of you and me?  Know we could make this work.  Get that piece of shit off your back and keep ‘Phia where she belongs.  With you.” 


“You know it won’t ever be that simple,” Carol sighed.  “This is Ed we’re talking about.” 


“Ain’t nothin’ been easy in my life ‘cept you.” 


“Thanks,” she muttered wryly.  “I think.” 


“Know what I mean,” he groused, tickling his blunt, oil stained nails beneath the kitten’s chin when it nuzzled deeper into his careful embrace.  He searched her face for several seconds before letting out a long exhalation of his own.  “Just forget I said anything.  Fool idea in the first place.” 


“Daryl.”  She reached out for him and found her hands full of a dismayed feline for her troubles, its plaintive mewls just as pitiful sounding as her own protests as she followed him through her kitchen and into the living room where Sophia’s movie still played in a loop on the television screen, her preschooler long since passed out beneath the coffee table.  “I don’t…it’s just…there has to be another way.” 


He paused in the act of shrugging on his leather jacket, stopping in front of her door.  “’Sides writin’ Dixon at the end of your name, you mean?” 


“That’s not…stop putting words in my mouth.”  She frowned.  “You’re not being fair here, blindsiding me with something like this.  This…this is crazy.”    


“Yeah.  Yeah,” Daryl nodded to himself, his pride clearly wounded.  “Reckon it is.”  Pulling his jacket snug over his shoulders, he zipped it up and reached for the door.  The lines of hurt etched into his handsome face only deepened when he cast one last glance at the little girl curled up all tight and sweet with her favorite blanket.  “Tell her I’ll do my best to make it to her game this week.  Can’t make no promises, but I’ll try.” 


“Daryl,” Carol tried, one last time, but she knew it was no use because he was already on his way down her porch steps into the dark night. 


“Tell ‘er I said good luck.” 

Characters AMC fucked up real bad:
• Sophia. She was just.. Kinda there? Then she died wtf (Enid is an appreciated replacement tho)
• Lori (did not be so fuckn annoying in the comics and was usually right)
• Carol (her character’s better in the show but no one got that storyline so here we are)
• Dale. Fukn Dale smh
• Carl (but they fixed it. So. Okay)
• The Governor (and Lilly)
• Axel. Only comic fans remember the real Axel and how wonderful he was.
• Andrea. All of it. (But they spaced out her character aspects and storylines real nice so maybe I’m just bitter abt my sniper bb)
• Rosita. The comics made me want more of her, then AMC did their magic of making me want less.
• Sherry. What the fuck.
• Negan. What the fuck.
• Dwight. What the fucking fuck.
• Paul Jesus Monroe. They didn’t even fuck up his character, but that Rovia shit will not be forgiven.
• Special Kill Off List: Sophia, Andrea, Dale, Denise, Lilly, Doc. Carson, Olivia, Nicholas,

Characters AMC is GONNA fuck up real bad:
• Magna (and her group). Don’t know how. But they will.
• Alpha (probably some part of the relationship with Negan part)
• Lydia (they’re gonna make her a villain or something)
• Beta. They’re gonna take away the “angry jealous POS wanting revenge” and make him power hungry or something.
• Dante. Don’t know how. But they will.