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just got a comment on one of my twd posts about caryl.

“the writers of twd are assholes.”

okay, i got a question? why are they assholes? because they’re drawing it out? because seemingly nothing’s happened between them? but wait things have happened between them, a lot more between them than with daryl and someone else or carol and someone else. just think of all the stuff they’ve been through together and apart.

daryl was drawn to carol from the beginning. like he literally went from ‘you ain’t my problem, sophia wasn’t my problem’ to ‘hey, you good? come here.’ in like 5 seasons. that’s major character development compared to the crazy wears squirrels on his belt hardass guy we first met. and boy was he spot on. carol wasn’t his problem and neither was sophia but he made them his problem. his number one priority. no one made him look for sophia. he chose to on his own.

also let’s not forget that daryl was abused as a child by his dad AND brother. that’ll mess someone up, make them not want to get closer to people. also, look how many people … friends and family … he lost? had to watch die and he couldn’t stop it? beth. that doctor lady from alexandria. he also had to kill his own brother. that’ll mess someone up too, especially because daryl felt like it was his responsibility to protect these people and keep them alive. but that’s such a heavy burden to carry and you know what? he’s STILL protective of carol and he STILL says yes ma'am and he STILL will put her needs before his own despite all of the pain he feels and deaths he’s witnessed. i haven’t seen season 7 yet but i saw one quote here on this amazing site from it. our crossbow king said it and it was about no one else other than carol. ‘she dies, catches a fever, gets taken out by a walker, she gets hit by lightning, anything, if anything happens to her, i’ll kill you.’ i haven’t heard him say anything remotely similar to that about anyone else.

let’s look at carol now. when we met her, she was weak and reserved but was also immediately drawn to daryl like he was to her. 'just so you know i liked you first.’ him saying 'stop’ is not rejection, it’s him not knowing how to respond to her but he gets better as his character develops just as she does. carol went straight into survival mode after sophia was discovered as a walker. she’s a warrior, a soldier, the baddest of them all, what rick said: that woman is a force of nature. she sure is too. but killing all those humans started getting to her. she was breaking so she had to get away. but you know? 'i’m not the same woman i was a year ago.’ nah, babe, you’re not so i know she’ll be back and she won’t be back as just 'a force of nature’. she’s going to come back as a tornado ready for war. ready for blood.

daryl and carol are both damaged people drawn to each other. they have a beautiful friendship, probably the most beautiful one out of the whole cast. also, fans have asked norman if daryl and carol hook up so guys both of them … norm and mel and probably gimple … are well aware that we exist. that tumblr exists. that we love daryl and carol. that we love norm and mel. that we love our ship caryl.

and didn’t norm say he didn’t know when he responded? that he’s not allowed in the room when they discuss that stuff? didn’t he also say that he and carol already have a relationship because they’re two damaged people who are drawn to each other? they are open and vulnerable with each other and they aren’t like that [on a very high level at least] with anyone else. also pretty sure he said if it happens he wants it to be awkward, like she would probably have to make the first move.

so i gotta say, i don’t think the writers of twd are assholes but want to know what is rude? sending hate to them. sending hate to the cast. just sending hate. it isn’t nice or cool or funny and it makes getting what we want to see less likely to happen. maybe gimple will just have carol and daryl continue their beautiful friendship. maybe he will make it into something more someday. if it happens, great, but if not, don’t send hate to him and especially don’t send hate to the twd cast. all they’re doing is what the script said. personally i adore daryl and carol and they’ve come so far and i want them to be safe. i also, even though i have never met them, adore melissa mcbride and norman reedus. they are amazing, sweet, funny, and are adorable together. i would love to meet them both. really the whole cast is wonderful.

can they stop making everything about daryl??? it’s not like daryl feels everyone else’s pain more than they do??? do the writers have their heads so far up his ass to see no one wants to see the same repetitive crap???

Caryl Family Headcanons #1
  • when sophia was a toddler she’d wait every evening by the big window in the living room for daryl to pull into the driveway of their house. when she spots the family car she starts squealing and waving and doesn’t stop until he waves back with a big grin on his face. then she bolts for the door and launches herself on him, throwing her little arms around his neck.
  • when carol was pregnant with sophia one of their daily rituals was daryl reading a short story every night in bed to her and their unborn daughter. he always rested his head close to her belly while he read and she ran her hand through his hair and couldn’t stop smiling. after sophia was born she had a lot of nightly crying fits and one of the things that immediately calmed her down was hearing daryl’s voice.
  • sophia loves it when carol does her hair and teaches her new ways to style them. she owns more glitter hair clips and bows than she can count and she loves to use them on daryl as well. she needs someone to practice her skills on she told him one day in a very serious voice and he can never tell her no when she looks at him with big puppy eyes.
  • since the day carol found out she was pregnant she started writing in a diary and over the months and years it turned into a huge scrapbook. she put pictures in it, sophia’s first baby socks, her drawings and one of the pressed cherokee roses daryl had given her the day they left the hospital with their baby daughter. sophia loves that book and all the stories hidden in it and she often asks carol to snuggle up on their couch in front of the fireplace to hear them all over again.
Lesbian Problems...

As if it wasn’t already hard enough being a young lesbian, add on the fact that I’m a young lesbian who is only attracted to older women. I have zero attraction to women my age, this is a problem! So like, am I gonna have to wait until I’m in my late 30′s to early 40′s to start dating women who I find attractive? *sighs* Being gay is so hard FML :/


“This is my family. I found it, all on my own. It’s little, and broken, but still good. Yeah, still good...”

Stars Real Names

Loretta Young : Gretchen Young

Carole Lombard : Jane Alice Peters

Rita Hayworth : Margarita Carmen Cansino

Jean Harlow : Harlean Carpentier

Cary Grant :  Archibald Alexander Leach 

Audrey Hepburn : Audrey Kathleen Ruston

Bette Davis : Ruth Elizabeth Davis

Joan Crawford : Lucille Fay LeSueur 

Natalie Wood : Natalia Nikolaevna Zakharenko 

Judy Garland : Frances Ethel Gumm 

Vivien Leigh : Vivian Mary Hartley 

Sophia Loren : Sofia Villani Scicolone 

Lauren Bacall : Betty Joan Perske

Hedy Lamarr : Hedwig Eva Maria Kiesler 

Lana Turner : Julia Jean Mildred Frances Turner 

Jane Russell : Ernestine Jane Geraldine Russell 

Veronica Lake : Constance Frances Marie Ockelman

Greta Garbo : Greta Lovisa Gustafsson

Marlene Dietrich : Marie Magdelene Dietrich von Losch 


I rewatched S02E01 What Lies Ahead, and you know what I just noticed?

When Rick caught Sophia after she ran away from walkers
You know, what she does???






See, this little girl, she’d been living with an abusive father. She “didn’t have a mean bone inn her body”, world ended, but she expresses a will to fight! 

However reckless should that move be, this was SOMETHING!

She wanted to live and with help of the others (ekhem, a certain former abused child, redneck with a heart of gold) she would have learned how to survive, for sure. 


Yes, I know this would alter a lot of Carol’s development, but hey, that would change everything. I just had a thought about it. Poor Sophia. Poor Carol. Poor Daryl. 

Damn, this show is killing me. :(

The fact that the little Kingdom boy is played by Madison Lintz younger brother, Macsen, still gets me all emotional. Sophia might be dead but maybe, just maybe Carol could adopt this little cinnamon roll. This is one of my favorite headcanons and now I have a mighty need for it.

(picture posted by madison lintz)

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