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Happy Valentines day everyone! I’m proud to announce that my scifi romance novella Rocket Romance is available for pre-order today on Amazon

I have a goal that I’m trying to achieve with my novella. I want to break into the top 100 ranking of the romance science fiction sub category on Amazon.

My book only cost $1.00 even if you cant buy it sharing this post will be a big help! Thank you!

Um I’ve realised that I’m not following as many IT blogs as I would like to and the losers have been kinda woke recently but haven’t seen anyone post about them SO if u have an IT blog or post/reblog stuff about them (the cast and from the movies) could u like…reblog or like this post or just hit me up and I’ll follow u because I NEED TO SEE MORE OF THEM ON MY DASH !!!!!!!

lowkey tho i just want fandom culture to stop oversexualizing gay ships.

like as an ace gay person im just so tired of seeing pure™ gay fluffy things and then all of a sudden one or both of them “has a noticeable tent in their pants” or “feels the other person getting hard” or some shit completely out of the blue.

im tired of more than half of the fics for a gay ship being explicit or mature.

im tired of harry potter aus in which someone “gets hit with a lust spell” or “drinks a lust potion”.

im tired of people looking past everything else about a relationship (any relationship, really; im just using gay ships here bc thats where i see it the most).

im tired of people getting tired of the friendship, the romance, the mutual support, and treating it like garbage. like it doesnt matter. like its “bland” or “too vanilla”.

im tired of people ripping those parts out and only leaving the sex (or at least putting a very heavy emphasis on it) because they like to call it sinful.

above all, though, im tired of people who think that doing any of the above things make it impossible for them to be homophobic. im tired of people who still think theyre being progressive by doing these things.

gay relationships are already falsely considered inherently sexual by society. we really, really dont need you perpetuating that.