sophia bennett holmes


“Art School” - Frankie Cosmos

Frankie Cosmos has released a video for “Art School,” one of the many great tracks off Zentropy, her fantastic album from earlier this year. Directed by Sophia Bennett Holmes, the video follows Greta Kline as she jams to modern pop classic “Baby” in a bedroom bedecked with Bieber. She really loves Bieber. Someone has been holding onto those posters and magazines, which sport a younger, less publicly-maligned JB. I can believe it was Kline herself.

The thing about the video, a fun and brief clip, is how well it exudes what made Zentropy so great. This doesn’t come off as something to laugh at or ridicule. It’s cute without being condescending. It feels - and I am loathe to use the word - honest. Zentropy is great for a number of reasons, not the least of which is its collection of delightful, unassuming, catchy pop. But one big factor is that it has those old cliches of honesty and reliability in spades. It’s the music of a young person chilling in their bedroom, surfing the web, angsty or bored or daydreaming in a way that, regardless of how inconsequential or privileged it may seem, is both real or valid. It feels wonderful and, for the older young people, wistful to have it portrayed so well on Zentropy and in the video for “Art School.”

- Tyler Hanan