sophia and shane


“This is my family. I found it, all on my own. It’s little, and broken, but still good. Yeah, still good...”

Daryl x Reader - I love you (One shot)


3. “Not because I hate you, but because I love you.”

Fandom: The Walking Dead

Pairing: Daryl Dixon x Reader

Prompt taken from  hyenaswritings ‘s list

English is not my first language so, sorry for eventual grammatical errors.

Set on season 2

Warning: fluff, sexual situation, a little bit of angst (just a little, the rest is all love for Daryl ♥

It was supposed to be a drabble but I wrote a oneshot 

Plot: Daryl is upset because he can’t find Sophia and for this reason he distance himself from everybody, even from (Y/n).

It’s been three days since we arrived at the Greene’s farm.

Even if we have to camp outside, in the RV, it’s good to finally stay in a safe place.

However, if our situation got better, something change.

First of all, Sophia got separated from us while we were running away from a horde of walkers.

Everyday all of us went outside, in the forest, looking for her, but without success.

Her disappearance didn’t affect just Carol, but Daryl too.

Me and Daryl were close, he and his brother saved me from a walker at the beginning of the apocalypse, then we grow close when the group left Merle on a roof during a ran. However, after Sophia’s disappearance, he started to change. Every time he came back from the forest, he was angry, he talked back at all of us, including me, and that hurts so much.

Today was no different. I saw Daryl walking to the stable, so I decide to go after him.

“Hey stranger! Where are you going?”
Daryl doesn’t stop and keep walking: “I take an horse and go outside, lookin’ for the little girl”

He sounds annoyed, but I keep talking to him anyway: “Can I come with you? I’m pretty good at riding”

Daryl stops and turns around at me: “Listen, just leave me alone, all of you must leave me alone! Just because I saved your life and open myself to you after what happened to my brother, doesn’t mean that I care about you or that your special. AND NOW LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE”.

I couldn’t believe it.

It’s true thathe just broke my heart, I deeply care about him, but that was enough to make me angry: “You know what? You aren’t the only one that is suffering. Carol is suffering, everybody are suffering because all of us love Sophia! Don’t you think that I suffer just at the thought that she’s alone and scared out there? Just because you’re upset, it doesn’t mean you have to treat everyone like shit! Especially people who deeply care about you:”

I turn around before he could see my tears, and run toward the farm.


Today I help Maggie and Patricia with the dishes, both of them could see that I was upset, but I didn’t want to talk about that. I just wash the dishes in silence.

I keep thinking about Daryl and the things he said to me.

Of course I didn’t think that he could feel something for me, but I couldn’t believe that I was nothing to him.

Suddenly there was commotion outside, so I run toward the RV.

“What’s happening?”

Shane and Rick were arguing with Andrea.

Rick turns to me: “There’s a walker there, Andrea wants to shoot him but the shot could draw walkers here”.

In the distance I could see a silhouette, it was stumbling toward us.

Without thinking I take my knife and start running in its direction.

As I get closer to it, that silhouette became clear…it was Daryl!
All of sudden I hear a shot and Daryl fall to the ground.
“No!” I start crying and when I finally reach him I check  where the wound is.

In that moment Rick, Shane and Andrea reach us.

I listen Andrea gasps: “oh god, I thought it was a walker”

Anger rise up in my body, I stand up and grab here by her shoulders:

“ How could you!? Didn’t they tell you not shoot?!” I scream while pointing at Rick and Shane who take Daryl up.

“(Y/n) calm down, it’s just a scrape, we take him to Hershel so he can check him up”. 
Of course Shane would back-up Andrea.


I stay with Daryl in his room, he didn’t wake up yet.

I skipped dinner, I was too worried.

Hershel said that the bullet just scrape him, the main problem was the dehydration and the wound on his leg.

Apparently, he fell from the horse.

Suddenly he starts to move and moan: “Where am I?”

I was so happy that without thinking I stood up from the chair and hugged him, forgetting about his state:
“Oh god, you’re okay! I thought I lost you”.

He was confused but put an arm around me: “What happened?”
I tell him about Andrea, and how lucky he was that she hasn’t a good aim, he laughed at that.

Then I decided to leave him to rest, so I got up and start heading to the door when I feel a grip on my wrist:
“Please stay….I need you..I didn’t mean what I told you earlier today”.

I was taken aback; I smiled at him and lay down beside him: “ That’s fine, but I’m still angry at you”.


After two days Daryl was ready to go back to his tent, again he distance himself from us, and , after what he told me when he was recovering I decide to confront him.

It was dinner time so I took a dish for him.

Once I arrive to his tent I give him the food and sit with him.

There was silence, and I couldn’t take it anymore: “Ok, what do you want from me?”
He look up from the plate with wided eyes: “ what do you mean?”

I continue: “Before we were so close, we talk about anything, then you tell me that you don’t care about me, that I’m not special and brake my heart, and a few hours later you beg me to stay with you because you need me. WHAT DO YOU WANT DARYL DIXON?”

Tears start to fall from my eyes: “why do you play with my feelings? Why do you hate me so much”

I stand up, ready to leave him alone, but suddenly he stand up too, and walk toward me: “Damn! It’s not because I hate you, but because I love you”.

I look at him with a surprised look on my face.

He loves me?

“I love you ok? I was scared because there is a chance to lose you, and I didn’t want to suffer. But when I was out there, and I was delirious, the only thing I could think was you, I made it to the farm because of you, you gave me the strength to fight because I wanted to see you again and tell you what I really feel”.

After that he starts to lean down, I stood on my tip and we crush our lips together.

This kiss was full of love and care.

After a while we parted: “I will never hurt you again (Y/n).”
He lean down to kiss me again, the kiss became more passionate, his tongue parts my lips and make love with my tongue.

We went into his tent and started to take off our clothes. That was the best night of my life.


I wake up to the sound of birds chirping.

I was slump on Daryl’s chest, memory from the previous night come back at me, and I can’t help but smile.

Suddenly I feel kisses on my head: “Good morning (Y/n)”
I smile and kiss his chest: “Good morning babe”

He squeeze me with his arms and say: “You wore me out yesterday”
I giggle: “Told you I was good at riding”

He laughed and kisses my head.

Finally I was happy in the arms of my beloved redneck.

THIS GETS ME HYPE. TWD in memorial mystery minis. Let’s go through the list, shall we? First we have TDog, Andrea, Dale, Deanna, Denise, Sophia (living), Gareth, Glenn, Jessie, Joe, Lizzie, Lori, Walker Merle, Mika, Walker Sophia, Nicholas, Shane, Sam, and Abe. Are we missing any character? I believe the only character we’re missing from this in memoriam series is a certain blonde with a gunshot wound? *Update* It was pointed out to me that they are also missing Tyreese, Bob, and Noah (all were season 5 deaths) so for now it’s still kinda up in the air as to if she’s just unannounced or if they are deliberately leaving a few characters off for reasons unknown atm.


From Will to Willow, these are 25 of our favorite fictional LGBT characters.


Since having been with the little group you were working with to survive the apocalypse a certain Shane had been grating on you. His little comments, the digs about your inability to survive and the constant belittling of Glenn were all things which made you grit your teeth every time he even opened his mouth.

‘We need a plan,’ you said, sitting on an upturned gas canister and watching as the others tried to figure out how to find Sophia.

‘Oh, well done,’ spat Shane, sarcastically applauding you.
Your eyes narrowed at him.

‘Come on,’ said Glenn pathetically, attempting to back you up even though he was fiddling with the engine of a car.

‘Oh shut up, Hubcap,’ said Shane, glaring at you.

‘Oi, leave him out of this!’ you said shrilly, jumping up and squaring up to Shane. The rest of the group were silently watching you, uncertain as to what to do.

‘Oho, now why should I?’

You balled your hands by your sides, trying to calm yourself.

‘Sorry, I forgot you were Mr In-Charge here,’ you spat. You mock bowed at him.

‘Why you little–’

You tutted; cutting him off by sweeping his feet from under him.

He groaned, mumbling darkly, but you heard Glenn laughing and dashed over to him, not really wanting to stay in close proximity to Shane.

‘Nice one, (Y/n),’ said Glenn, beaming at you before getting back to work.

‘Thanks, Glenn,’ you nodded, before peering into the engine. ‘Anything I can help you with?’

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Still Confused

Still annoyed and bewildered by the sensational exploitation of a character death as never done before on TWD. I mean, as I’ve pointed out before… immediately following the MSF, we got the first official, “Returns in February” poster and it’s of what? Daryl sobbing as he carried a seemingly lifeless Beth out of the hospital. Right. So… I still can’t wrap my mind around it, unless it’s all some incredible act of deception; smoke and mirrors.

Many characters have met untimely ends on this show: Lori, Hershel, Merle, Amy, Andrea, T-Dog, Lizzie, Mika, Shane, Dale, Sophia. Several of those were major MSF or SF deaths (Hershel, Andrea, Merle, Shane, Sophia), and yet, we never got images of them in their “dead,” “dying” or “walker” states as promo pics for the show. We didn’t get Hershel semi-decapitated or Sophia stumbling out of the barn as a walker for official promotional posters inviting people to tune back in come February. we didn’t get Shane or Merle as walkers or Andrea exposing her gruesomely fatal walker bite as official promotional posters for “new season in October.”

Then we have the CGI artists stating that, “We’re putting a small wound on her forehead and some blood and a little bit of exit wound on the back of her head, without going too crazy, ‘cause – you know – it is Beth and we want to give her a very tasteful farewell.” So, how is it tasteful to show it at all? Then to exploit it in such a way afterwards? Of course, they do make it a point to emphasize the smallness of the wound they created for Beth, so I don’t know. That’s confounding.

“This isn’t about blood flying at the lens, it’s not about blood hitting the camera, this is about losing Beth.” This bit is bullshit, because they didn’t need to show it at all, honestly. There was plenty of blood flying. No, it didn’t fly at the camera, but it flew past it, and it landed on Rick and Daryl’s faces, which was incredibly unnecessary. These people don’t understand the meaning of the word “tasteful” if that’s what they were going for. Andrea got “tasteful.” She got a drawn out farewell. Got to speak her peace. Got to go out on her terms. She got her reunion and a proper goodbye. She got a closed door and a gun shot where we didn’t have to see it. It was all very tastefully Hitchcockian, in that we didn’t need to see it to feel it.

Lori got the same sort of farewell. She got to say goodbye. She got to give a few last words of wisdom to Carl. She got to choose Judith’s life over her own in a heroic fashion. She got a close up on Maggie holding her baby and the clang of a gunshot without us having to see it happen. We felt it without seeing it. I guess I figure that if a death is intended to be tasteful, then there were better ways it could have been done, which is why I can only hope this wasn’t actually a death blow, but merely a detour for Beth. She deserves better.

Finally, we get all of these promos featuring Beth and all of these international farewells. No other deceased character has been featured in promos for a new half season before. None received quite the “send off” that Beth has been receiving in these tribute videos. More importantly, none of the actors received such a trivialized farewell as EK got from Kirkman, Gimple, Hurd and even Hardwick. I’m still disgusted by all of that.

Truth be told, this will probably never stop frustrating me, and it’s not all about Beth. It’s not about Bethyl. It’s about maintaining a standard of storytelling that was introduced in Season 4 and then the writers and Gimple immediately dropping the ball. This season has felt like it’s being helmed by an entirely new showrunner, and that’s not good. If there isn’t continuity in quality, then it’s only a matter of time before people start to notice. They’re sacrificing quality of storytelling in favor of quantity of action and death, and that’s really just unforgivable to me, from a writing standpoint.

I feel like all of this has to amount to more than it seems. Otherwise, it really is a travesty for a show of this caliber to suddenly let itself go, as it were. It’s not like them to rest on their laurels in the sense of, “death sells.” So, yes, I choose to believe that because none of this makes any sense, that there’s more to it than we’re seeing, and that just maybe Beth isn’t really dead. Honestly, I feel like all of my hopes rest with Greg Nicotero, because he’s s powerful voice in the show and he’s the only person amongst TPTB who hasn’t let us down even in the slightest way.

I Am Goin’ Down || John & Gi

Professor Murdock let out a loud sigh, running his hand through his hair while the other pushed up his glasses and rubbed his eyes tiredly; He’d been struggling to arrange lesson plans around Shane’s physiotherapy and any other appointments he had while ensuring that the time they did have together was used to maximum efficiency. 

Having spent the past two weeks in the Hamptons with the Duvals, John had seen his fair share of what excessive amounts of money did to teens, he’d even allowed himself some time to let his hair down and have fun with them, but now he needed to concentrate and get his mind back in his work. The only problem was that he really had no focus and he kept finding his mind wandering to places it shouldn’t be.

The male’s eyes drifted across the room to the open door of his office, listening to the front door close as the last person left the house; Christos and Sophia were filming all day, Shane had an appointment that Lucas had offered to go with him and Kaia was at the dance studio, watching as her juniors class prepared for regionals, that meant he had the place to himself and yet here was was, still slaving away over lesson plans all the while trying to keep the now all too familiar thoughts of a certain female from his mind.

After ten minutes of non stop watching the clock, he stood up with a groan, pulling off his glasses to clean them on the hem off his t-shirt as he padded from his office, uncaring that his midriff was exposed as he walked through the manor house towards the kitchen in search of a cup of tea.

did u know that lori grimes and sophia peletier and shane walsh and andrea harrison and amy harrison and dale horvath and hershel greene and beth greene and merle dixon and jim and t-dog and jacqui and otis and patricia are all still alive right now did you know they’re still livin their lives and they are still okay and they are still breathing at this very moment did u know