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You’re My Angel

This is my first time posting a post-episode fic, so enjoy!!


You’re my angel.

The words kept replaying in her head as she watched his infatuation with their new car. It was like watching a little kid getting hyped up on ice cream. The smell of his cologne overpowered her nostrils and she knew that the new car smell would soon be gone, only to be replaced with him. Just as he did with the Chrysler.   

She had the 300 long before she met him. It was honestly her first love. She had made so many memories with that vehicle. It was the car that helped Nadia turn her life around. It was the car that sped through traffic so many times during a chase. It was the car Jay used to park behind her jeep, that morning after she stumbled out of the club. Some of those memories were sour, and it brought her grief. But it was him. The playful bantering. The stares she could feel from his eyes even as she focused on traffic. It was his personality, it was his smell, it was his voice, and his grit that sometimes made her forget those sour moments.

She was brought out of her thoughts as he was calling to her, his eyes evident of having concern. It was the way his brows furrowed and his forehead would wrinkle. It was his soft voice that always seemed to carry some sort of worry for her.  

“Are you okay?”

She sighed deeply, collecting herself after mulling over those memories of him in her mind before speaking.

“I was just thinking… we had so many memories in that car… we didn’t even know this was coming. I feel like I’ve lost a part of myself.”

He dropped his voice even though they were the only two present in the car.

“Well you know… we could always make new memories with this one. Memories we never made in the 300.” He raised his eyebrows playfully before placing a soft kiss on her cheek. He got out of the driver’s side noticing Voight pulling up behind them. She sat awestruck for a second. She felt the electricity from his lips travel into her body and it went up and down her spine. Was he really serious?


Later that night, after a confession and some paperwork, she gathered her things at her locker. She smiled at Ruzek as he walked in the locker room with a box in his left hand, knowing exactly what that signified. She went out into the bullpen, noticing Jay was nowhere in sight. Only Rixton occupied his respective chair, who was shutting down his computer and picking up his Blackhawks mug from the desk. She walked down the stairs towards the back where they usually parked their car, assuming he was already in the car, warming it up.  

As she stepped out into the brisk cold, she zipped her jacket up to her chin and buried her face into the jacket as much as she could. Her eyes caught the shiny new GMC Sierra at the edge of the lot, in a dark corner, but his face was still illuminated. He had that familiar Halstead smirk on his face.

“What are you doing?! Let’s go home.” She shivered as the wind ripped by her small frame.

“Shhh… keep your voice down. I thought, you know, we could make our first memory. First day with the truck and all.” His smile grew on his face because he could see how flushed she was getting.

“You’re crazy. We’ll get fired.”

“Only if we get caught.”

Once she knew he wasn’t going to budge, she walked around the truck and hopped into the passenger seat, tossing her bag into the back.


“Honestly… I’m surprised we didn’t get the seats dirty…” She said breathlessly as she fixed her hair in her passenger side mirror.

“What can I say? I’m a pro at this.” She hit his shoulder playfully as she tried to gather her composure once again. It was the feeling of his hands on her waist, feeling the crevices of her hipbones, the feeling of his tongue dancing around with hers, and the feeling of him entering her and his thrusts. He never failed to take her breath away.

“C’mon, let’s get outta here before someone notices we’re still here.” He reluctantly obliges as they leave to enter Erin’s jeep 2 cars down from the GMC. As she starts the car and gets the rush of cold air out of the vents on her face, she can’t help but think of the warmness of his body against hers. She looks over to him, he still has his frivolous attitude etched on his face. Oh he was definitely serious.

As all this Bunny drama is coming to a head, what can you say about Lindsay and Halstead’s relationship going forward?

We are having the Lindsay-Halstead relationship begin to wobble because, as anybody will tell you, in one-hour TV obviously when you have a happy couple, at a certain point, there’s a sameness to that. Where’s the conflict? So we definitely throw a wrench in episode 17 into their relationship, a little window into Halstead’s past that she wasn’t aware of, that he wasn’t very forthcoming about. That definitely knocks them sideways. Going forward, is it a fateful blow to the relationship or are they able to repair it? We definitely have those two having to assess and do inventory on themselves individually and their relationship as a whole.

And then, again, we don’t want to just have that Bunny story chase it’s tail for season after season. It has to advance and so we’re looking to really hit a crescendo on the Bunny storyline and does that affect where Lindsay and Halstead are? And I foresee that happening.

There’s been some distance between Lindsay and Voight this season as she’s grown closer to Halstead. Will this rocky patch for her and Halstead bring her back into Voight’s orbit at all? There’s been

Not really. We have a line coming up in one of the episodes that Voight is seeing a little bit of discord between the two of them and he pulls Halstead aside and says very plainly, “We’ve already had this conversation. I already warned you two. Either clear it up and do your job, or you’re gone.” That’s unfair to Halstead because he’s siding with his daughter essentially. But he’s looking at Halstead as, you’re the one that went into this with your eyes wide open. And we also want to protect Voight. We don’t want him to be the bubbling dad who they constantly are putting stuff by and though he wags his finger and says, “Don’t do it,” they do it anyway. That’s not Voight. So there is definitely an ultimatum laid out to Halstead this has to be cleared up and there’s no more conversations after this.

So now the concern turns from Ruzek’s future to Halstead’s future.

Absolutely. There’s an ultimatum issued by Voight: “This isn’t going to happen again. You guys are either looking at each other longingly or fighting. It wasn’t supposed to happen to begin with. I let it slide for various reasons. It’s not going to happen again.”

My opinion: I know they happy but can we get some scenes showing they a couple atleast. The only past I can think of Jay has not been forthcoming with is his military past. It’s just dumb if they throw in a wife, ex wife or a kid. They can work through Erin’s past so I don’t know why they wouldn’t be able to work through Jay’s past. And we won’t see this episode till March 22. After the crossover on March 1st, they go on hiatus.