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Breaking Surface table by Sophie Hardy Design

This table is the object of Sophie Hardy Designs for a project with the task of designing an object around ‘stories by the water’. Inspired by the Swedish village Dals Långed, this table is created with inspiration Habib Alraii, an Syrian Artist. The name Breaking Surface refers to an object emerging from the water and is meant to inspire breaking through the mental barriers in our heads according to other cultures.

Future MCU Spider-Man fancast 2.0

Re-doing my previous list, in light of “Homecoming”

1) Sophie Turner as Gwen Stacy (it’s technically not cheating since X-Men isn’t MCU canon)

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2) Rosabell Laurenti Sellers as Felicia Hardy / Black Cat (gif source)

3) Laurence Fishburne as Otto Octavius / Doctor Octopus

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4) Ryan Potter as Harry Osborn / Green Goblin II

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5) Jeff Daniels as Norman Osborn / Green Goblin I

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6) Tobey Maguire as Uncle Ben (come on Tobey!)

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7) Andrew Garfield as one of Peter’s teachers (probably social studies). He’s the youngest teacher at Midtown.

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8) Ken Jeong, Aasif Mandvi, OR Anthony Anderson as J. Jonah Jameson

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9) Naomi Scott as Jessica Drew / Spider-Woman

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10) Becky G as Anya Corazon (the placing of these two choices was intentional)

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11) Elijah Wood as Cletus Kasady / Carnage 

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12) Rory McCann as Kraven the Hunter

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13) Sam Worthington as Flint Marko / The Sandman

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14) Sonequa Martin-Green as Captain Jean DeWolff

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15) Sophie Wu as Dr. Ashley Kafka

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16) Lin Shaye as Cassandra Webb / Madame Web 

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17) Caleb McLaughlin as Miles Morales / The Ultimate Spider-Man

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18) Lawrence Gilliard, Jr. as Robbie Robertson 

(I just realized, if my versions of Robbie and Jean met, it would be TWD Sasha and Bob 2.0)

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19) John Krasinski as Aleksei Sytsevich / Rhino

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20) Taron Egerton as Eddie Brock, Jr. 

(NOTE: I know about Tom Hardy. But if the MCU doesn’t deem his Venom movie as canon, then we may be looking at a Quicksilver situation)

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21) Yvonne Strahovski as Silver Sablinova / Silver Sable

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22) Diego Luna as Quentin Beck / Mysterio 

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23) Mark Strong and Rachel Weisz as Richard and Mary Parker

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24) Sydney Park as Glory Grant

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and to end the list, on the chance that Zendaya’s Michelle Jones won’t end up as the MCU MJ (which is dumb because Zendaya is already the perfect MJ to Tom’s Peter Parker):

25) Kiersey Clemons as Mary Jane Watson

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