This was a powerful group of trespassers, she could sense it immediately upon their arrival. No matter, orders were orders, and she had plenty of capability when it came to seeing them out.

“Several unidentifiable presences identified. Target threat levels: unknown, but high. Identify yourselves and state your business.”

Awaiting a train inside a station, surrounded among few passersby already seen from time to time during Elle travels along Ludger to several affiliated cities, she clasped behind her bac both hands, looking forward then the truth is that her gaze is immersed in a deep daydream, lingering partially on a sort of imaginary point nonetheless her attention didn’t fickered or faded away since voices of beings, noises of footsteps are mustered and recorded in the mind, in case. One, two, three minutes passing throughout the number of persons decreasing, as if perhaps she’s still the only one daring to stand still, her features were shifted progressively to a opposite side upon remarking hastily new presences painted just behind, nearing passably closely from the young female.

“Are you all travelers? Or maybe lost persons?” Question echoing between walls of the infrastructure, she refrains herself to give in, against sharp questions either quickly riding a cold behavior in spite of all, attitude is already confirmed to be stern.

The young humanoid eyed the girl, carefully observing her movements, until their eyes locked on one another. Lambda blinked, unsure of what to do in a situation such as this one, due to rarely being exposed to them. The fact that they opposed each other only contributed to the awkward situation. He took a gentle step toward Sophie, continuing to cautiously stare.


“…Hello, Protos Hei– or do you prefer being addressed as… Sophie now?” Lambda mused, attempting to converse with the fellow humanoid.