soph tho

i feel like we each have that 1 shinee song that is just so important to you that you just need to stop whatever you’re doing to fully appreciate how beautiful it is whenever it comes on. reblog with that 1 song for you in the tags.


This is beautiful.

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So I just converted 2 of my friends into camren shippers lol ... its funny bc I'm in the same state as you Soph, even tho I want camren as endgame rn I want C to date and have another hot gf. But my friends are going to start the emotional clusterfuck that is camren. Bottomline is that camren is a nerverending force! It's amazing how they do capture people's hearts

I imagine you introducing the ship like :

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Did you see that Instagram story of Soph and Stefan? They seem pretty close... literally.

Yeah, I saw it, it made me feel some kind of way… 

But let’s not jump into conclusions. They could only be friends or not, maybe more. But lets be real, it’s been about 8 months since Soph and Jesse broke up (shit, it stung to write that). Even If I thought they were perfect together and completely right for each other, for whatever reason that only they know, they didn’t work. So they are moving on. 

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different anon but i have your notifs on and it's 4am and i screamed out loud when i read you'd be updating the wimbledon au today because it's my absolute all time hands down favorite percabeth au ever

I’m so excited to share it with you guys!!! On the same level tho Soph and I are not ready lmao save us