soph tho

i feel like we each have that 1 shinee song that is just so important to you that you just need to stop whatever you’re doing to fully appreciate how beautiful it is whenever it comes on. reblog with that 1 song for you in the tags.

jong-fetti  asked:

for the ask portion: 1, 3, 19! ๐ŸŽ‰


1. what idols do you associate with your mutuals?

OK I GOT THIS ONE I KNOW MY PALS (i’m just gonna do a handful for ease)

u - jjongie, but particularly blue night jjongie (like i mean . duh) [also steak]
@jjongeyed - knuckles echinacea
@sluthyun - vore washington
@sataeminism - our lord and savior lee jaemin
@6-v-6 - sonic
@flower-taemin - the prettiest sweetest idols u can think of (yes all of them)
@hansolsdog​ - garbage (but good garbage that i love)

3. favorite color scheme?

these are very typical soph responses i know but i am predictable and unashamed


plaid garden

19. if you could design your own house, what would it look like?

oh my god this is ???? so difficult????? i’ve always dreamed of having a house in the woods somewhere. a house build with wood so dark you can barely see it in the dead of night, and built so that it almost blends into the trees surrounding it. a house with a bright red door to welcome you, yet all of its other features are calm and pleasing to the eye. a house that’s simple, yet beautiful in its simplicity. a house that you don’t really have to see to know what it feels like. the light from the living room streaks out through the thick curtains on the windows and peeks out toward the leafy treetops. it’s a place that feels so undeniably like home, to my family living within and to the earth outside. it just….idk man oh my god. i don’t know exactly what this house would look like but..i feel it somewhere out there.

send me one of these!!!

anonymous asked:

What're the mutuals like? Bc, I doubt you are, but if you're vagueing me I'm down.

i follow very very few people so if u think its u… its probably u and you should 100% hit me up because i probably never will ahahah

no seriously tho soph @birchghost messaged me first after like months of me wanting to talk to her and now we’re besties <3

just ,, hmu for my skype thru messages pleas e i love all my mutuals and wanna talk to them more