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Once in a Lifetime: Chapter 2

Once in a Lifetime: A Harry Styles AU Imagine Series


A/N: Please remember that this fanfic goes back and forth between past and present, please mind the dates!

A reader requested I make a soundtrack, so I will pair a song to each chapter!

Chapter 2: A Necklace & A Journal

Skinny Love (Cover) by Gavin Mikhail 

*photo edit is mine

August 2008: Holmes Chapel

It had been exactly one month since Harry first kissed me and since then we’ve shared a few kisses here and there.

We never really talked about what we were to each other since nothing really changed except that after we hung out Harry would always kiss me ‘goodbye’ before he left. 

So I assumed that we were just still best friends, that kissed. I didn’t want to be the first one to bring it up so I hoped that Harry would eventually.

My parents had finally come home from being gone for months for business, they found Harry studying with me in my room and my dad threw a fit.

“Boys should not be allowed in your bedroom Y/N!” My dad bellowed as Harry packed his school work up.

“Dad! I’ve known him since we were five! Are you serious?! How many times have you met him already?” I shook my head.

“I don’t care, Y/N. If he respects me and your mother, he would be in the living room or the library,” My father scowled at us as we went downstairs.

“Are you-”

“Your dad’s right Y/N… I shouldn’t be in your room like that,” Harry held me back and then turned to my dad, “I’m sorry sir, you’re right, I won’t be going into her room anymore.”

“You guys aren’t even home half of the year so what does it matter?” I shot back at my dad.

“Harry, I think you should leave so I can speak to my daughter.” My dad held the door open for Harry.

“See you at school tomorrow, call me if you need to talk.” Harry tugged his right backpack strap over his right shoulder and quickly hugged me.

“Have a good evening sir.” He nodded at my dad then left.

My dad slammed the door shut, “I do not want you around that boy!”

“Why? Why not? He’s been in my life for NINE years already!” I crossed my arms over my chest.

“Drop that attitude young lady AND I don’t care! He isn’t good enough for you!” He shouted.

“I’m the one that’s not good enough for him!” I shouted back then turned on my heel and ran upstairs.

Harry’s and Gemma’s relationship with Anne is what I dreamed to have with my parents. My parents were gone half the year, traveling for business. I understood that they work hard to give me the best but they were never the type to just call me and ask how I was doing or how I’m feeling, it was always about school. I was at the top of my class, always have been and on top of that they hired private tutors for after school to teach me different languages and about the cultures of the world.

My dad was all about tough love, maybe it’s the reason why I had a hard time expressing my feelings. 

My mother and I… we had our moments, but I felt like to her, being my dad’s wife was more important than being my mother. 

- - - - -

April 2020: New York City (Present Day)

Your POV

After two weeks of helping Liam plan the perfect proposal for Sophia, all of our closest friends, Louis, Eleanor, Katherine and Andy waited for Sophia and Liam to finally show up so that we could all record Liam’s proposal.

Liam wanted to take her dinner at her favorite restaurant then back to where they had their first date, which was in a park with a rose garden in Manhattan. All of us had set up candles and drizzled rose petals all along the walk away from the entrance of the garden all the way to the middle where there was a fountain, in front of where they shared their first kiss.

We hid at different parts of the garden, so that we could capture the moment at all angles.

“Guys! He just texted me saying he pulled up to the park! Get in positions!” I whispered then everyone scrambled off with their phones, except Andy, he had a professional Nikon DSLR.

Andy was Liam’s closest guy friend. They had met during undergrad, three years before Liam and I reconnected in medical school. He had the duty of recording everything with a camera since he was a professional sports photographer.

Liam was nervous, he had called me freaking out on the way to pick up Sophia, so I knew that he was probably shaking and sweating.

“I CAN’T STOP SHAKING Y/N!” He shouted into the phone.

“LIAM! Breathe!” I laughed and put him on speaker as Eleanor and I picked up the rose petals from the florists.

“INHALE… EXHALE…” Eleanor grabbed my phone.

“I’m TRYING! I’m sweating bullets! Jesus Christ, I’m going to screw this all up!” He panicked.

“Liam. You’re a world-renowned sports medicine doctor. You deal with men over 6 ft and 300 lb. and you’re telling me you’re scared of this 100 lb. woman?”

“YES!! BECAUSE SHE’S EVERYTHING TO ME!!!” He yelled through the phone.

“BREATHE. YOU CAN DO THIS. She loves you too! I promise you, even if you completely botch your proposal, she’s going to say yes.”

“Well gee thanks. I gotta go! I’m outside her condo! I’ll text you when we’re on the way to the park!” He quickly said then hung up.

I saw Liam and Sophia walking hand-in-hand and hit record on my phone.

“What is all this? Liam? Did you do this?” Sophia looked around at the candles that were set up around the fountain.

“I- yes.” He blushed.

Sophia let go of his hand and took a step up on the base of the fountain to look down at the candles to see it making a giant heart around Liam.

“Oh my god!” Sophia’s hand came to her mouth as she saw Liam pulled something out of his pocket and kneel down.

The minute Liam started, I heard him choking back tears and then I started crying as I watched my oldest friend surrender his heart to the love of his life. I tugged on the little heart on my necklace, remembering how it felt to be in love with someone so deeply.

I watched Sophia step down from the fountain and stand in front of Liam as tears fell down her face.

“Sophia Smith, I have been in love with you since the day I first met you… and there is no one in this world that brings me more happiness and joy in my life than you.” He took a deep breathe, “I want to spend everyday, for the rest of my life, waking up next to your beautiful face and making you as happy as you make me. Will you do me the honor of being my wife?”

“Yes! Yes! A thousands times yes!” She shouted and cried as she pulled Liam up from his knees.

Liam slipped the ring on her finger and wrapped his arms around her, “I love you so much Sophia,” then kissed her.

We all started clapping and hollering and stepped out of the bushes.

“Oh my god! No! You guys all knew?!” She buried her face in Liam’s chest, “No stop recording me, I’m crying please!” She laughed.

“No way Soph, this moment is flawless.” Eleanor squealed as she held up her phone.

“SOPHIAM FOREVER!” Louis shouted as he threw his arm around Eleanor.

“I’m so happy for you two!!!” Katherine hugged Sophia and cried with her as she looked at the ring on her finger.

Katherine was Sophia’s closest friend from designer school and work. She had joined our little group not too long after Liam and Sophia started dating.

“Congratulations Liam! How are you feeling man?” Andy zoomed the camera in on Liam.

Liam wiped the tears from his eyes, “I feel like the luckiest man alive.” 

And then he kissed Sophia again.

That same evening: New York City

Harry’s POV 

“Hey Harry! Almost closed?” I looked up to see my best friend, Niall, in a business suit, walk into my bakery.

“Yeah, just give me a few more minutes to run through these numbers.” I nodded.

“Do you have any more of my favorite cupcakes?” He asked as he leaned over the counter on his elbows.

“You know I always make extra for you.” I bent over and grabbed the box from under the counter and handed it to him.

“Oh my god, you’re the best. These are so addicting, I hate you.” He grabbed the box.

“Then give them back if you hate me!” I tried to grab the turquoise container from his hands.

“Nope, sorry, all mine.” He turned around, opened up the box and took a cupcake out, stuffing it whole into his mouth.

“Damn Ni! Chew! You’re going to choke!” I patted the back of his shoulder.

“If I die, I will die a happy man, because these cupcakes are to die for.” He mumbled with crumbs falling out of his mouth.

“Okay, you’re disgusting, you better clean all that up,” I pointed at the floor with my pen.

It’s been exactly a month since I’ve opened ‘His & Hers Bakery’ in New York and it has been busy since day one, all thanks to Niall.

Niall and I became friends while I was in my second year of culinary school. He was studying International Business and we both met at a small pub and bonded over the fact that we grew up not too far from each other. Even though he was Irish, his family had moved to the UK when he was about 10.

After Niall graduated with his Bachelor’s, he went to the States for his Masters and began investing in businesses around the world, he became quite wealthy, even more than he already was. As for me, after I graduated my first culinary school, I moved to the States with Niall. I was accepted into another program in Illinos, which I attended during the day, and at night I worked as a pastry chef under a great chef in Chicago at the Alinea, one the best restaurants in the world.

After a year of that, Niall insisted that I open up my own bakery, saying that I was ‘way too good to work underneath anyone.’ Niall invested in me by loaning me money. He gave me a crash course in how to run a business, promoted my bakery and help me hire a crew and build my dream bakery, hence ‘His & Hers Bakery’ was born.

“I really don’t know why I’m not fat yet, mate.” Niall said as he took a second cupcake out of the box.

“Honestly? I don’t know why you’re not either,” I chuckled as I reviewed the orders for tomorrow.

“Do you know how amazing these tastes? God this is why I invested in you from the beginning, I knew New Yorkers wouldn’t be able resist your crack-cakes.”

“Crack-cakes? Really?” I folded the binder and put my leather journal on top of it and locked them up in the safe under the cash register.

“Yeah my college mate Louis said that’s what his girlfriend calls them.” Niall continued to talk with his mouth full.

“You’re still disgusting, clean up and come on,” I pulled off my white chef hat and ran my fingers through my hair, “Let’s go grab a drink, I need one.” 

When I was younger, I use to be obsessed with making cupcakes because of my grandma. Before she passed away, I made a promise to her that I wouldn’t let her recipes be forgotten. I started expanding my skills; I found out that I enjoyed cooking, making cakes, baking bread, and well pretty much making all sorts of desserts. But cupcakes were always my favorite to make, especially because they were Y/N’s favorite.

I missed her more than anything.

It’s been ten years since I’ve seen her yet she’s never left my mind.

I wonder how she’s doing or where she is. I hope she’s happy.

I felt my heart drop a bit but then smiled to myself as I locked up and followed Niall down to our favorite bar in New York.

I thought back to why I named the bakery ‘His & Hers Bakery,’ in the first place. 

When I was younger, guys at school always teased me for baking and designing cupcakes, calling me ‘gay’ and a ‘fag’ but I just tried to ignore them.

One day she got so mad that she shoved the school bully to the ground, took a cupcake of mine and shoved it into his mouth, “CUPCAKES ARE FOR EVERYONE! NOT JUST GIRLS YOU IDIOT!!!”

That was my best friend for you.

From that day on, he and all of his friends stopped calling me names. Actually, they apologized to me the next day and asked me to make them cupcakes.

I missed her. 

God, I miss her.

- - - - 

December 2008: London, UK

Harry’s POV

I worked my ass off for the last six months to save up money for Christmas presents. I even missed a few days of school so that I could work at the bakery. Gemma came home for winter break and helped me find something for our mum, but what I really needed help was with finding my best friend a gift.

Y/N came from a wealthy family and I knew that not just any present would do. She said she isn’t the materialistic type, but I’ve seen her house, her closet, her collection of handbags and shoes. I wanted to get her something to show her how much she meant to me.

“So where are we going next?” Gemma asked me as we walked through the mall in London; we both took a train from Cheshire so that we could do all of our Christmas shopping today. 

“I need to get Y/N something.” My eyes moved from store to store, trying to figure out what exactly I wanted to get her.

“Oh, okay… what did you have in mind?” 

“I don’t know… something that she can wear, like a necklace or something.” I muttered.

“A neckace? What? Wait.” Gemma held her hand up and stopped me in the middle of mall, “Did something happen between you two?”

“What do you mean?” I kept turning my head around, seeing if there was a jewelry store anywhere.

“Between you and Y/N? Oh my god, I am right aren’t I? You’re in love with her!” Gemma exclaimed as she hit me on the shoulder.

“Ouch!” I rubbed the place where she hit me, “What was that for?”

“I’m right, aren’t I?” She grinned.

And that was when I saw it, the perfect necklace. It was simple, it was silver and it had a tiny heart in the middle that was connected by two chains. I completely ignored and walked away from Gemma as I followed my gaze of the necklace.

“Harry!” She followed closely behind.

“That one, I want to get her that necklace, it’s perfect for her.” I pointed and the jewelry came up to us and pulled it out for us to look at.

“Harry… this is really expensive.” Gemma looked at the price tag.

“I don’t care. I worked my ass off and I want to get her something nice.” I pressed my lips together.

I pulled out my debit card that my mum helped me applied for and handed it to the jewelry.

“Are you sure young man?” He looked at me up and down, thinking I wouldn’t be able to afford it.

“I’m positive,” I nodded.

That next week Y/N came over to spend Christmas Eve with my family, like she has been doing every year since I’ve met her. After dinner, we sat around the tree opening presents.

She bought my mum and Gemma each a new purse which basically sent them into tears. They’ve always wanted a designer bag and Y/N had been saving up her weekly allowance from her father to spoil my mum and Gem.

“Y/N! No, I cannot accept this from you! Please sweetheart, return this.” My mom hugged her.

“NO WAY! This is your Christmas present, if you don’t want it, I’ll just give it to Gem,” She chuckled.

“Yeah mum, I’ll take it if you don’t want it.” Gem admired her purse.

I just shook my head at them, girls. I will never understand.

“I should get going, my parents expect me home tonight.” She stood up and grabbed the dresses and scarves my mum and Gem had gave her.

“I’ll walk you home.” I stood up and grabbed my coat, which held her Christmas present in its pocket.

“Yeah let me just grab my stuff from your room.” She smiled.

As I walked home, I laced my hand in hers and we talked about her going on vacation with her family for New Years, which they do every year and every year they went to a different country or big city.

“Where are you going this time?”

“Boston! I’m so excited! I get to visit my dream school!” She grinned.

“Wait, your vacation is going to consist of a college visit?” I looked at her as if she was from another planet.

“HEY! Wipe that stupid look off your face! You know I want to go to Harvard.” She pouted.

“Yeah but you know you’re going to get in, you’re the smartest person in this town.” I shrugged.

“Yeah but still… They only accept the best-” She looked at me.

“And the richest, which you are, so no problem,” I stuck my tongue out at her.

“But I don’t want to get accepted because my parents have money, I want to earn their acceptance purely through academics.”

“You will. I know you will Y/N.” 

I stopped her before we approached her house and pulled the little square box out of my pocket and placed it in her hand, “Merry Christmas Y/N.”

“Harry! You didn’t have to get me anything!” She gasped.

“Oh shut up. Open up.” I nudged her.

She slowly opened the gift wrap at each end, not wanting to tear the wrapping paper then pulled out the black velvet box that was underneath it.

She slowly opened the box and her eyes widened as the necklace came into view.

“Harry… this is beautiful.” She looked up at me with tears in her eyes.

“Yeah? You like it?” I took the necklace in my fingers and out of the box, “Turn around.”

She pulled her hair back to the side of her neck and I quickly clasped it.

“I love it!” She threw her arms around me and kissed my cheek.

I turned my face towards her and lightly kissed her lips.

“I know we haven’t talked about it, but I really do like you Y/N… I-I” I stammered.

“I know Harry, I know.” She smiled, she always knew exactly what I was thinking.

I walked her to her door and before she went inside her house, I pulled her in for another kiss.

“I feel bad Harry…” She said as she pulled away.

“What, why?” I raised an eyebrow at her.

“Because I didn’t get you a present!” She frowned.

“Oh! No! No! I don’t care-” I shook my heard.

“Yeah right, you actually think I wouldn’t? It’s in your room.” She kissed me on the cheek then turned around and opened her door.

“You little-”

“Goodnight Harry,” She winked and slowly closed the door.

I put my foot in between the door and the door frame, “Wait, does this mean you’re my girlfriend now?”

She started giggling then pushed me out and closed the door.

“I’ll take as a yes! Have a good Christmas! I’ll see you soon!” I shouted and then made my way home.

When I finally got in my room, I saw the rectangular box that was sitting on my bed. I closed my door, immediately grabbed the gift and ripped off all the paper.

It was a red leather bound journal. I opened it up to see that the inside of the cover had a note and was signed.

I heard you were a big fan of my pastries and aspire to be a pastry chef as well. I wish you all the luck. Y/N tells me that your cupcakes are better than mine and I hope to try yours one day. All the luck to you, don’t give up on your dreams.
Duff Goldman

“No fucking way…” I exhaled. She got the guy who owns Charm City Cakes on Ace of Cakes to sign this book! What the fuck!

The page next to it had her handwriting on it, I would recognize it anywhere.

Merry Christmas Harry!
This journal is for you to write down all your grandmother’s recipes for safe keeping and for you to create your very own recipes. I know you’re going to be an amazing pastry chef one day, I believe in you.
All the love
Your best friend

- - - - -

April 2020: New York City (Present Day: same evening from earlier)

Your POV

After a night out with the group, celebrating Liam’s and Sophia’s engagement, I finally headed back to my condo around 3 in the morning, knowing I was going to dread work tomorrow.

I quietly opened the door and kicked off my heels, carrying it across my wooden floors so that I wouldn’t make a lot of noise. I was kind of drunk.

After I finished changing out of my dress and into my soft pajamas, I climbed into my king size bed and set my alarm for 7am on my phone.

“Hi baby, how was it?” My boyfriend yawned and pulled me into his arms. He stayed here when he could; he’s been working a lot so I’ve only seen him once or twice a week the last few months. He lived in Chelsea, the art district of Manhattan, while I lived on the Upper East Side of Manhattan.

“I’m sorry, did I wake you up…?” I wrapped my arms around him and laid my head on his chest.

“No, not really, I couldn’t sleep without you here.” He kissed the top of my head and rubbed my arm.

“It was so cute! I cried so much! I’m so happy for Liam, he is such a great guy and Sophia is so perfect for him.” I kissed his bare tattooed chest.

“Did you have fun at the bar after?”

“Yeah… I drank a little too much wine… I’m a bit drunk.” I traced his tattoos with my finger tips.

“I know you are, go to sleep baby, you have to wake up in a few hours.”

He tilted my chin up and sweetly kissed me, “Goodnight, Y/N.”

“Goodnight, Zayn.”

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


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