Free! Eternal Summer Live Action Casts Has Been Revealed!

Are you ready for some refreshing splash on your summer holiday? Here’s a good news for you who had been hoping the Iwatobi Swimming Club boys to come alive! INFINITE’s MyungSoo and SungYeol confirmed that they will be taking the two lead roles of Free! Eternal Summer Live Action, Haruka Nanase and Makoto Tachibana, which is going to be released this mid August. The director, Hiroko Utsumi, said this live action will be focused on Haruka and Makoto’s friendship dynamic through the years.

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Son, have you been well? You were really surprised, right? My Myungsoo, you are my son who never got into trouble or acted out and was a good kid. You’ve grown up well. I’m still not used to the fact that you are a celebrity. I feel like I’m always talking about somebody else. Always, I worry about you first before feeling proud because my heart is stuck on something you said. And all I ask of the 7 of you is that as you go out into life, not only because you guys are just members who should love each other. I wish for you guys to trust and support each other, like real brothers would. I have more that I want to say but I feel like this letter shouldn’t go on anymore. Although it may be difficult day after day, I just ask that you guys gain strength from each in order to receive more love.

From,The Mom who loves all 7 of her sons.