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hc of tom making his s/o feel better? like idk she's feeling insecure or is just feeling down and how he would handle it

  • he would never push for you to talk to him 
  • he knew that sometimes you just needed a shoulder to cry on or someone to hold you 
    • “c’mere darling, it’s all okay, I promise,” 
  • holding you tight against his chest, squeezing you in reassurance, rubbing soothing circles on your back, running his fingers through your hair 
    • he’ll probably start humming little tunes to get your mind off of things 
  • he hates seeing you so down because you’re always so lively and happy 
    • “d’ya wanna talk about it, love?” 
  • if you said yes he’d wrap a blanket around you as you rested your head on his shoulder
    • you’d just vent about everything and anything to him 
  • he’d be such a good listener focusing on all your words while his hands go up and down your thighs or arms 
    • making stupid little jokes too because they always make you laugh and it’s his favourite sound 
    • “see, that’s what I like to hear,”
  • holding your face in his hands, wiping away stray tears before kissing your nose, cheeks, forehead, and lips 
    • “never forget how much I love you, darling,” 
  • he’d always make you feel better no matter what the problem was 
  • ordering pizza and drinking some wine to end the night off with so many cuddles 

Hanzo always gets a little weak in the knees when McCree talks. He finds McCree’s voice to be soothing and alluring, and McCree has no complaints with being talkative.
The Longest-Running Everyday GIF Artist on Tumblr Just Broke 4 Years
Angular Geometry’s mesmerizing loops have been a GIF art staple for nearly half a decade.

Angular Geometry (@angulargeometry) is so great! 

After we told him Tumblr’s data confirms he’s the longest-running everyday GIF artist, he said, “I have no idea how to word what I am feeling to be honest. I am really moved.

Awww. And as if his GIFs themselves weren’t inspiring enough…

His advice to artists on their own everyday creative journey is, "Don’t worry so much. So much greatness is ruined by anxiety. Some days will turn out like garbage, some days you will be magically inspired and you will make something you are extremely happy with. The great thing is that the days just keep coming.”

It’s been a beautiful four years, Tyler. Here’s to four more. 

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Soft brush rowl looking at stars? :'>

Here have two gays guys being dudes

30 Days of Klance - Days 8 - 10: Magic

decided to merge some prompts together in order to get back on track! in other news how rad would it be if Lance got some sort of light manipulation or star creation powers in the future??? @ vld make it happen