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D.O hates Tao, right? ಥ_ಥ I cant find any SooTao TvT

i got you don’t worry


hate? well, at one point kyungsoo was going to rip off his weewee when tao made fun of him


some huggles

kyungsoo was casually singing and then when he saw tao he started to scream together… for some reason 

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yes kyungsoo snuggle into that strong chest more

kyungsoo showing off his man

that’s ma man

talk dirty to me

soo be like, never mind the distance I’m coming to you

feat. Kris throwing shade


look at them mate dancing


let’s not forget about the first box

tao keep look at kyungsoo until senpai noticed him and threatened to kick his ass


and then kyungsoo didnt like it when tao liked other chocos. no. tao can only like soo choco.


kyungsoo likes em cute

while tao did gwiyomi

kyungsoo cooed and wow is that an aw?

the only time kyungsoo was happy in this whole show was when tao screamed his head out. soo keep saying tao is cute ah tao is so cute.


they both know how to appreciate beauty as they take photos of eachother


some more TaoSoo just because I can

kyungsoo being a little shit

not in public dear

tao be like whaddup lil guy

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come huggle me 

yes that’s tao’s hand. yes kyungsoo is smiling at nothing because tao is groping him at places

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They See You Without Makeup

EXO Reaction

Requested: Yes

Warnings: None

~Admin Lou


“Why do you even wear makeup if you’re this beautiful?!” *he would constantly pester you after that, telling you to not wear any makeup when you come over or go out somewhere with him


“Wow… I have a beautiful girlfriend…” *he’d brag about you to the others 24/7 about how gorgeous you are


“You are stunning, babe. You should go like this more often.” *inwardly pats himself on the back for choosing such a beautiful girlfriend


“Wow…” *he’d be speechless due to how amazing you looked, but would turn into a giggly, cute dork omg he’d be the happiest man alive because you’d actually be comfortable enough to be around him without makeup and he’d love that


“Oh wow! Look at you!” *he’d probably not really notice it much for a few minutes, but then you’d turn to a certain angle and it would click in his head that you were makeup-less- in which he’d immediately stare at you in awe


“You’re just so cute, I don’t really know what to do with myself.” *he’d be blown away by you beauty, and immediately sigh in admiration


“I was totally right! You are stunning without makeup, babe.” *would try to take a thousand pictures of your bare face and he’d send them to everyone he knows, bragging about you


“Boy… I sure know how to pick ‘em.” *winks at you and probably tackles you in a hug and doesn’t let go. ever.


“You are so gorgeous.” *cue nervous laughter and squishy soo


“I never thought I’d ever see someone more beautiful than me, but you have proved me wrong.” *so proud, mostly of himself


“…You’re just so beautiful.” *he’d stare at you until you finally noticed his gaze and asked him what he was looking at


“Never wear makeup again.” *would constantly find round-a-bout ways to tell you you’re beautiful without makeup