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junkrat: in binder and tied off coveralls. covered in grease, possibly soot, that’s getting cut through by sweat. he’s relaxing in front of a fan. mmmmaaaaaybe he’s got kind of a light blush from the heat


Rules: Pick four colors you associate with your character. Then use the gif search-function and search for the color. Post one gif for each color. Tag 10 other roleplayers to do this.

Wheat Gold

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Poppy Red

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Soot Black

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Orange Ember

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Artist Uses Fire and Soot to Paint Elegant Illustrations

Québec-based artist Steve Spazuk uses fire to create elegant illustrations out of soot. The fire painter manipulates the flame from a candle or a torch to mark a sheet of paper with trails of soot, which he then etches into using delicate tools like feathers, styluses, and fine-tipped paintbrushes. By sweeping away soot to create negative space, Spazuk transforms smoky swirls into intricate, expressive forms.