ok, these guys are forest spirits in Soot & Ash’s universe, and for lack of a better name, i’m calling them Grori.
These big, flamboyant flowerpots start off as softball sized sprouts and take a few years to grow in the root systems of whatever fauna they find themselves near. The location and the plant life around them during their little hibernation influences their shape, coloration and markings pretty heavily, so theres a wild amount of variation in appearance. And although their size is pretty intimidating, most are very shy spirits and tend to keep out of sight unless their territory’s being threatened, so its rare to see one unless you’ve royally screwed up.

And Soot certainly doesn’t seem to get along with them so well.. maybe they don’t like the smell of old cinders on him, who knows.


Artist Uses Fire and Soot to Paint Elegant Illustrations

Québec-based artist Steve Spazuk uses fire to create elegant illustrations out of soot. The fire painter manipulates the flame from a candle or a torch to mark a sheet of paper with trails of soot, which he then etches into using delicate tools like feathers, styluses, and fine-tipped paintbrushes. By sweeping away soot to create negative space, Spazuk transforms smoky swirls into intricate, expressive forms.

I finally finished my Totoro-Themed room. It’s not fully expanded but I customized the full alpine set with my Totoro-inspired design. The QR’s here. I’m really proud of this. This is also my first public QR. 


Also, Kiki’s pic is in the background because my theory is that she was named after Kiki in Kiki’s Delivery Service, another Ghibli film.