sooshi art


In cleaning my room (and gosh, it’s clean!) I decided to take a few pictures of arts and toys in my room. There are a lot of artists featured in these pictures:

Shy, Coeykuhn, teaat2am, Todd Lockwood, Jamie Hewlett, Ali, sushiandpie, Jing, me (lol the Lady Loki you can *barely* see on my door, signed by Olivier Coipel), averyniceprince, Soltian, Olivier Coipel, John Tyler Christoper, and others! :)

(The picture of my figures blurred the Doctor’s and Jack’s faces out. It’s creepy. Yes, Loki is on the TARDIS and that Gorillaz poster on my door is signed by Damon Albarn, Mick Jones and other perfect people)