soorya qadir

SHOUT OUT TO MARVEL REAL QUICK: This is Soorya Qadir aka Dust. She’s one of the X-men AND SHE’S LITERALLY MY MUSE RN.

THIS character is so legit, like she’s literally this baws Afghani teenager who rocks the abaya and niqab and is an educated and intelligent and practicing Muslimah. She can disolve into sand and reappear, (her alias is Turaab, like the arabic word for dirt/dust but it also had that Islamic connotation, of the reality of dunya… so tight) She also faces hardcore islamaphobia and epically combats it with witty AF remarks, and sticks to her beliefs despite threats.

Like Marvel is so real for bringing these real issues and mixing them with the excitement of fiction comics.

I have the feels. :’)