Shift (Kyungsoo x OC)

Description: SooRi wasn’t lying when she said she hated bars and Kyungsoo just wanted to make her feel better.


SooRi sipped at her water as she watched Kyungsoo make his way around behind the bar’s counter. The bar was more like a club; it was huge and packed and SooRi wanted nothing more than to burn it to the ground.

Chanyeol, being the big foolish giant that he is, forgot his promise to get hellebore for SooRi’s spell and set off to get it as quickly as possible. Meaning he wasn’t there for SooRi to insult. Meaning her hostility was growing stronger by the second.

“Hey! You look lonely. Can I buy you a-”

“No, thank you.”

The man shrunk back at the fierce stare he received and nodded his head, backing away slowly from the tense woman.

“Wow, no wonder you don’t have many friends.”

SooRi turned her glare to Kyungsoo as he chuckled at her with a shake of his head. She looked so annoyed and out of place and every time he came back to check on her, she looked more livid.

“I said don’t do bars. And I also said ‘thank you,’ to the guy. Get off my back, Balto.”

Kyungsoo smirked and slipped her a drink. It wasn’t too strong, but it tasted nice and he hoped it would take some of SooRi’s edge off.

She was starting to scare off his customers.

But she looked so cute in a brooding, slightly hostile way.

“Here’s a drink on the house. Try to have some fun! Tons of guys keep trying to talk to you.”

‘I don’t want any guys talking to me, doofus.’

Instead of voicing her innermost thoughts, SooRi slapped on the sweetest smile she could muster and took a sip of her drink. It was surprisingly good and she found herself lifting the straw to her mouth again.

“How is it? I made it just for you.”

SooRi nodded, not wanting to blush at how close Kyungsoo’s expectant face was to her own.

“It’sgood…” she mumbled.

Kyungsoo smiled and reached forward to run his thumb over SooRi’s right eyebrow. “You have a little wrinkle between your eyebrows when you scowl too hard. Relax, okay. I’ll be back to check on you in a bit.”

‘He’s so fucking annoyingly cute, I can’t stand him.’

Kyungsoo brought her two more drinks after that and SooRi did indeed loosen up.

Maybe a little too much.

“Do Kyungsoo! Get your ass over here!”

Kyungsoo nearly dropped the bottle of vodka he was holding as he whipped his head towards the loud woman beckoning him with a flailing, noodle-like arm.

“What is it, SooRi?” he asked through gritted teeth.

SooRi smirked at him and chugged the last of her drink. “How long is your shift? I need to get home to work on the spell.”

“Shush! Do you want everyone at the bar to know you’re a witch?”

“A conjurer, asshole!!!”

Wow…for a drunk person, SooRi spoke very clearly.

Kyungsoo rolled his eyes and rounded the counter. He firmly lifted SooRi to her feet and mumbled something to the other bartender. Had he known that SooRi would be such a lightweight, he would have made her stick to water.

“Oh! Hey, I know this song!”

Kyungsoo didn’t even realize she could move that fast until he was watching her get swallowed by the crowded dancefloor.

“She’s such a fucking little annoying bratty…”

He mumbled angrily to himself as he weaved through the people, politely declining any invitations to dance. He found her in the corner of the dance floor. She had a large smile plastered on her flushed face as she danced wildly to the upbeat hip hop song playing. Kyungsoo walked up to her quickly and grabbed her hand tightly.

“Come on, let’s go. They’re letting me leave early.”

SooRi laughed at the tickle she felt from Kyungsoo’s warm breath on her ear. “How’d you manage that, mutt?”

It was Kyungsoo’s turn to smirk. “Told them I had to take care of my drunk girlfriend.”

The woman gasped and smacked Kyungsoo in the chest. She stared at his wide-eyed expression and laughed again. She hadn’t laughed this much in such a long time and she almost forgot how amazing it felt to just let go.

“SooRi, let’s-”

“Dance with me.”

Kyungoo’s eyebrows rose as he looked at SooRi, the most sarcastic borderline hostile woman he’s ever met. A woman that would never initiate physical contact if she didn’t have to. She was asking him to dance?


She grabbed his arm and pulled his body, with surprising force for a drunk girl, close to hers. “I actually know this song and I haven’t been out in a long time. Please. Just this one song, and then we can go.”

Kyungsoo sighed as he rested his hands on her hips and pulled her closer until they were chest to chest.

“One song.”

SooRi smiled, closing her eyes as she felt the music. Kyungsoo was a shockingly good dancer and she almost, almost didn’t want the song to end. She turned around and pressed her back against his chest and her ass against his crotch. She heard the gasp in her ear and felt his hands grip her hips but she just pressed closer. He turned her back around to face him and smiled down gently at her. He didn’t look angry or annoyed and fuck, SooRi felt so dazed looking at him.

“Slow down, yeah?”

SooRi looked up at Kyungsoo and stopped her movements. She hadn’t been near a guy in so long and Kyungsoo was so close. Too close.

Too nice.

Too good looking.

‘He’s a wolf!’

The voice in her head meant nothing to her. She couldn’t focus on the spells, or the potions, or the music, or anything. The only thing she could see were Kyungsoo’s lips and how soft they looked.

“SooRi? What’s wrong?”

She couldn’t register how her lips got pressed against Kyungsoo’s but all she knew was that it felt good and that he wasn’t pushing her away. His lips were soft, just like she knew they would be, and they moved so hungrily against hers.

‘He wanted to kiss me too.’

Kyungsoo didn’t know why he wasn’t pushing the woman he had barely known for less than a week off of him, but as her tongue swept over his, he didn’t care. One of his hands gripped her jaw while the other held the back of her neck.

‘Fuck, she’s a good kisser.’

SooRi’s fingers were tangled in Kyungsoo’s short black hair, tugging as his teeth bit down on her bottom lip. His grip was getting tighter on her and he felt strange.

He felt like he was about to shift.

Kyungsoo pulled himself away from SooRi, head light and body on fire. He licked his tingling lips as he looked down at SooRi who looked confused and frustrated.

“Kyungsoo, what-”

He turned around and started walking back towards the bar.

“Let’s go.”

Sixpenceee's apology in a nutshell

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