Possession - Yoongi Angst Scenario, Part I

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hey, so my exams start next week, which explains why this is late, but anyways, it’s here

prompt: you come back to pick up your things after a breakup with ur cheating bf min yoongi

Your best friend sighed as she arrived to the house.

“So, I’ll be back in about two hours… that should give you enough time?”

You nod weakly, clutching onto the door handle.

“You said the boys said he’s not home, right?”

“Yeah…I don’t see any lights on either.” You say. “He’s not home.”

“Ok, love you.” She exclaims as you exit the car, you grunt as a response, shutting her door and making your way up the stairs to the apartment.

She drives off slowly, fast as she sees you open the door to the place and knows you’re safely inside.

You take off your shoes as you enter and decided to quickly get to work, as Jimin said Yoongi would be back in a few hours.

You were already an hour and a half in, most of your clothes were packed and also most of your cosmetics.

You still had small things to get, like some stuffed animals and a few of your dog’s toys.

You had just finished packing your clothes when you heard the front door open, at the sound, you jump to tip toe your way down the stairs.

“Soojin, I’m almost done, you can fix something to eat if you get bor-”

You stop as soon as you get to the bottom of the steps, coming face to face with your infamous ex.

You look behind him at the door, trying to see if anyone was behind him.

You faintly see a car drive off.

“What are you doing here?” He asks as he glances at the frilly skirt in your hands.

“Oh, I was…uhm…”

He squints his eyes at you, dropping his bag onto the floor before making his way around, obviously heading upstairs.

It takes you a while to guess what he’s doing, but when you do your eyes widen and you rush to get to the room before he does.

You figure it’s too late when you see him standing still in front of the master bedroom.

You sneak your way next to him, slowly walking inside and trying to ignore him staring at you from behind.

You were going to kill Jimin when you saw him.

You drop the skirt into your small pink suitcase, awkwardly moving onto the next piece of clothing.

“So you’re deciding to just leave?”

“Oh, come on, we can’t keep having the same argument, Yoongi.” You hiss at him. “I said I was leaving weeks ago, I’m just now getting my stuff.”

“…I want us to work it out, but you don’t want that, do you?”
You slam the suitcase closed, zipping it up in a frustrated manner.

“Stop guilt tripping me.” You mumble.

“Well, when your girlfriend just starts a fight with you out of nowhere, then suddenly she moves out and doesn’t speak to you for three weeks, what do you do when she shows up to get her stuff, just so she doesn’t have to ever see you again?” 

“You suck it up and realize it’s your fault?”

“Why are you acting like this?”
“What are you even going on about, Yoongi?” You turn towards him, standing up.

You’re leaving me, and I have no idea how to deal with that, ok?”

You stay quiet, looking down at your feet.

“It’s your fault.” You say. “Yoongi, I saw.”

“What are you talking about?”

“I saw everything, I saw the pictures, I saw the hickeys, I saw the text messages, everything. You’re attacking me like you’re innocent, but I know about everything!

He stays silent, before opening his mouth, “How did you find out?”

“Namjoon’s loud ass mouth told me. He got drunk once and accidentally told me everything.” You turn back to the suitcase.

 “Don’t try to make me feel guilty, as if this isn’t hard for me.” You yell.

You could feel your face heating up, and you decided to ignore the tears already slipping down your face.

“I’m sorry.”

“Well, I’m not. I’m glad you had a weak moment, so now I don’t have to waste any more of my time with you.”

“Y-you don’t mean that.”

“And you didn’t mean to be with that girl while you were with me for four months.” You roll your eyes. “You’ve been with her for four months, Yoongi, you should be able to get over me quick enough, you probably have even met with her after I left.”

You hear a loud crash, causing you to turn back, all you see is his fleeting figure before you look down and see shards of one of your old picture frames.

You look away from it, continuing to pack your clothes.

You had stayed at your old friend’s, Jaebum’s, house and he took well enough care of you.

You had showed much improvement during the weeks from being away from Yoongi.

You hadn’t had much interaction with the boys, as you were still mad that Jimin tried to set you guys back together.

You had also ignored Jimin’s increasing number in calls, only answering ones from Jin and Hoseok, as you knew they were just calling to check on you and they always avoided speaking about Yoongi.

It was hard the first week, but your friends had found multiple ways to distract you, taking you for coffee and to the park, anything to get your mind off of things.

You had found the girl’s Instagram a few days ago, and that’s when it got a little worse.

She had even been so stubborn as to post shots of things that implied she was with him. Pictures of their hands intertwined, or their couple drinks.

It made you sick to your stomach.

You continued your moping for days, finding happiness in taking your dog on walks and mostly consuming sweets.

And you felt almost ok before you got a phone call on one of those ok days.

You, stubbornly, decided you’d answer one of Jimin’s phone calls.

Only, because you felt like you’d been ignoring him for too long.

“What?” You hiss over the phone.

“I need you to do a favor for me?”

You stay silent, and he continues, guessing you’re listening.

“…Yoongi hyung is in the hospital…and I need you to visit him….”

It’s like he could feel your small index finger already moving to end the call.

“Stop!” He shouts, making you flinch. “Namjoon hyung told us what happened, and you have a right to be mad and I shouldn’t have meddled, but could you please do this for me?”

“What happened?”

“He hasn’t been taking care of himself for a long time and he fainted during a fan sign, so we had to take him to the hospital.”

“Yoongi isn’t my problem, anymore, Jimin.”

“He said it himself… He personally asked for you to come see him.”

“His girlfriend can do that for him.”

Jimin sighs in an exaggerated tone, annoyed at your stubbornness.


You stay on the phone for a few more seconds, staring blankly at the TV ahead of you, before hanging up in a quick, angered manner.

Yoongi was in the hospital and you knew you had to visit.

And you wanted to visit him.

But didn’t at the same time.

Yoongi cheated on you.

And you wouldn’t get that out of your head.

To him, at some point, you weren’t good enough.

It brought tears to your eyes just thinking about it.

And you couldn’t get back to him that easy.

Not at all.

i hate this, this was kinda filler and i don’t like it, might write it over again, but this is only part one sooo

thanks for reading~

So I heard you wanted to be a lion keeper. Lion tamer as good?



It’s funny because I talk with my roommate all the time about how I wish house cats came in different sizes like dogs. I want a golden-retriever-sized cat. …But then I realize that would be an actual lion sooo