omg so I am still really mad over the COS review of Hamburg Demonstrations because it’s full of SHIT and not an inch over the tabloid level of lazy, bad journalism (complete with personal attacks and mentioning his ex partner), so I wrote them an email and complained and also commented on the article, and then I went to the authors twitter and see this:

what a fucking edgelord. can you believe a grown man tweeted this??

also the dude is mainly into metal it seems and it is completely beyond me why they’d let HIM review this really-not-very-metal album but anyways. Here’s the link to his twitter, everyone with an account please give him some shit over this because he apparently needs to be told that it is not a good idea to say stuff like this in a review of an album by a recovering heroin addict:
“Doherty has claimed he has been clean and sober since completing his latest rehab stint in January 2015. That’s commendable. However, if this is what his sober mind produces — and the alternative is, uh, heroin addiction — perhaps a career change away from music is in order.”