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Lisa Needs a Misha

His whole being is my biggest weakness. . Then we got eyes, lips, mouth, tongue,smile, hair(disheveled, please) hipbones, nice tummy, his fingers(hands) Runners legs. etc etc etc etc etc etc SO much perfection! My heads spinning! lol

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Hi~! :D I really really love your writing style! <3 I read your scenario of mark and I absolutely loved it!! So I really wanted to make a request :) so can you please, please ~ write a scenario a morning after scenario? ;)

    Thank you so much for liking my writing! This scenario was just…. gaahhhh just soooooooooooo many feels :3

Adore You ~Mark~

The sun shone brightly on your face early in the morning. You groaned and rolled over to the side, trying to keep your face away from the sun’s rays.

    But as you rolled over, you stopped when you hit someone’s body. Immediately, your eyes flew open and you saw Mark there, sleeping soundlessly.

    As you watched him with adoring eyes for a few moments, the events from last night came flooding through your mind. There was not a single thing you regretted about last night, because it was all undoubtedly done with love.

    “Mark,” you whispered and tried to shake him awake. It pained your heart a little to have to wake him up, but you were already missing the sound of his voice and his amazing brown eyes. “Mark, wake up.”

    To your surprise, Mark fluttered his eyes open almost immediately before rubbing them and groaning a bit. Then his eyes fell on you and a smile grew on his face. “Baby,” he muttered and threw his arms around you, pulling you close.

    There were no words in the dictionary to explain just how amazing it felt to be in his arms. Even if you tried to look, you knew you couldn’t find any, because nothing could describe it.

    Mark began stroking your hair lovingly as he started up a conversation. “How’re you feeling?” he asked.

    “Good.” Your fingers found their way to his bare chest, where you began to aimlessly draw shapes. “How about you? I’m sorry for waking you up.”

    “Oh, don’t apologize. If I get to wake up next to you, I don’t mind waking up at all.” He chuckled. “I’m great. I’m really great. Last night…” He paused and let out a sigh. “Last night was amazing.”

    You smiled. “Yes, it was,” you agreed.

    “Oh, ________.” Mark’s fingers stroked your cheeks for a moment before he lifted your chin and made you look up at him. “I love you so much,” he whispered, letting his thumb graze over your bottom lip.

“I love you too.”

    Mark didn’t reply, he only smiled and leaned in closer to you, capturing your lips with his. The two of you shared a blissful sweet kiss, confirming your love for each other.

    After a few moments, Mark pulled away as you just lay there still imagining his lips on yours. “Are you hungry?” he asked. “If you’re hungry, we can go out to eat.”

    “I can cook if you want. You don’t have to spend money on me.”

    “Oh, but I want to.” Mark sat up and stretched a bit, trying to get himself fully awake. Then, he carefully got up and went to the closest. “I think you should wear one of my shirts, ________,” he suggested. “You’d look really cute in it.”

    You remained on the bed with the covers over you, staring at Mark as he tried to put together his wardrobe. It didn’t even matter what he did, you always seemed to stare at him adoringly because every little thing he did seemed to leave you breathless.

    When you didn’t answer, Mark pulled out one of his favorite sweaters and handed it over to you. “Try it on,” he said.

    You sat up and threw the sweater over you. When you got off of the bed, you saw that the sweater was just a few inches above your knees, though there was no doubt it was comfy. And it smelled like him.

    “You look gorgeous,” Mark commented and pecked your lips. “As always.”

    You blushed and playfully hit him. “Let’s go quickly now, I’m getting really hungry.”

    Mark wasted no time in picking out some random clothes and then throwing them on. You put on some leggings and a tank top to wear under Mark’s sweater just so you wouldn’t be too cold. You stopped off your outfit with Mark’s beanie since you were too lazy to fix your hair.

    “Ready?” Mark asked from the doorway.

    “Yes, I am.” You walked up to him and grabbed his hand, lacing your fingers together. Mark led you down the stairs and started talking about something random that had happened to him the other day.

    You listened, but only partially. Mostly you were once again staring at him adoringly, not being able to grasp the fact that he was really with you right now, and that he was yours.

    Mark noticed the way you were staring and not paying attention by the time you guys got to the car. He felt his own heart skip a beat whenever he looked at you, so it was a relief to know that you did the same when he wasn’t paying attention.

    “I love you,” he said once more before starting the engine. “And I adore you, my gorgeous ________.”