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Massage Therapy Part Two

Requested: Yes, @skyfall8600

Summary: Encounters with Peter after giving him a boner

Warnings: None really

The pitter-patter against your window soothed you as you closed your eyes. It was finally the end of a long school week, and you couldn’t be more thankful for natures music. As you try to relax you couldn’t forget about the encounter in your bedroom with Peter, or all the other encounters that followed after. The first one happened on Monday during school-

You put your notebook into your bag as you get ready to go to lunch. You couldn’t help but wonder how Peter was doing ever since what happened last time you saw each other. As you exit Mrs. Halloway’s classroom someone quite literally slams into you and causes your bag to fall off your shoulder. You were about to completely blow up on the person but you see a head full of brown curls shake and fragile pail hands take a hold of your arms. You recognize them as Peters. As Peter begins to apologize profusely you take a second to look at him. His face becomes redder as he realizes its you who he bumped into. 

“Peter it’s fine.” You adjust your bag and smile warmly at Peter. He swiftly nods his head and walks into the classroom not waiting for your response. You debate whether or not to follow him and maybe definitely confront him. You decide not to as you see a bunch of other students rushing to the classroom behind you.

You didn’t see Peter until Wednesday after school, in a dark alley…at night-

You headed down the alley way between your apartment and another when you heard a something clang and fall behind you. You tense up as you hear a swear that sounds strangely familiar. As you turn around a rat runs away from the dark corner and you see a trashcan laying on the ground with its contents spilled out. You bite your lip in anticipation as there’s more shuffling coming from the dark area. You let out a huge sigh as you see Peter, of all people, almost fall to the ground.

“Peter what the hell, what are you doing here?” You walk up to Peter to stabilize his stumbling form. He grunted as he tripped over his own two feet trying to get away from you.

“What am I doing here, what are you doing here?” Peter reaches into the dark corner and pulls out his school backpack. You cross your arms over your chest and snort. 

“I always use this alleyway when I get home from work, I thought you knew.” Peter nodded his head stood there, rocking back and forth on his feet. You waited for a response and when you didn’t get one you rolled your eyes. 

“What’s your deal Parker?” You tapped your foot impatiently as he grasped his backpack straps tightly.

“My problem, uh, I don’t, I don’t have a problem.” Peter’s voice wavered as he slowly walked backward, farther away from you.

“Uh no, you’re not leaving, we are gonna talk!” Your voice raised slightly on impulse. You didn’t mean too but Peter is getting quite frustrating.

“Y/N it’s a school night and I haven’t even done my homework-”

“Me neither, guess our homework will both be late!” You dramatically turn around and yell at the cloudy night sky. At the moment you felt very emotional at the thought of Peter making excuses. You thought you were over exaggerating, and you were, but you just wanted to talk.

“Peter can we please-” As you turn around Peter is no where in sight, It’s like he just vanished, without a trace, without a sound. For a moment you let shock vibrate through out you and anger the next. 

“Peter Fucking Parker, I hate you.” You let out a huge sigh and palm your face.

“But I think I love you more…”

The next time was Thursday night, at your apartment. It wasn’t actually a physical encounter but a text. As you did your algebra two homework your phone buzzed and vibrated on the sheets of paper on your desk. You didn’t really pay mind to it but then it buzzed continuously so you picked it up. Your eyes widened at the large paragraph written, and small, frantic, messages, all from Peter. You unlocked your phone and began reading them-

I don’t know how to tell Y/N, Ned, I keep ignoring her, but every time I see her I get this really warm and nice feeling.  And not because she gave me that boner the other day, well I mean that too, I get that too. But…I’m terrified of being rejected by her. She’s just so wonderful, and pretty much everything I look for a girl, and she’s so, so, so, sooooooooooo pretty. Help what do I do? 10:44 PM

Your breathing stops as your read over the text message. Peter likes you. Like, might as well be in love with you. You begin to squirm in your seat, but hold off on doing the happy dance as you read the messages after.


OH MY GOD, IT’S Y/N 10:46 PM






You couldn’t help but laugh at the situation. You spun around in your spinny chair and squealed. You didn’t care if it you weren’t supposed to know about it, you just knew you had to see Peter as soon as you could. But not now, If you met him now you both could have heart attacks.

The next time was Friday during the school pep rally. Although you felt no luck in seeing Peter as you scanned over the crowd of raging freshman, sophomores, juniors and seniors. Somehow you had the best of luck when you make direct eye contact with him. The only thing he was on the other side of the gym-

The pep rally hadn’t begun, and you debated whether or not to run to Peter in very dramatic fashion and confess your undying love for him. What made you turn slightly red was the fact that your fingers trembled and itched to do it. You and Peter never broke eye contact even as the pep rally began. The sound of the band playing their instruments was washed out and you could only feel the beat of your heart in your ears as Peters look got very intense. You had to look away for a second to catch your breath and compose yourself. 

“Please if all of you could separate into your grades. Freshmen: First stands, Sophomores: second stand, Juniors: Third, and finally Seniors: Third.” The principles words made everyone yell and laugh in anticipation. In the next few moments, students of all grades swarmed around you. You didn’t even realize you were moving until you felt a hand guide the small of your back. 

“Hey watch it-” You turn around to tell them something but stop as you realized it’ was Peter. You get extreme deja-vu and feel slightly dizzy as both you and Peter make it to the second stand. You both find Ned and Michelle sitting together and smile warmly at them. You could feel the communication between Ned and Peter due to Ned’s unusual facial expressions. 

“We need to talk.” You nod your head desperately as both of you sit down. Peter hesitates sitting close to you so you take matter into your own hands and sit as close as you possibly can with out drawing so much attention. You could hear the intake of air Peter takes. Your hand shakes a little as you place it over Peters cold one. You don’t look at him and instead pretend to pay attention to the pep rally. But from your peripheral vision you could see Peter look at you with the warmest smile.

“I like you a lot.” Peter’s voice is a whisper, and somehow you manage to hear it amongst the organized chaos around you. You nodded your head and smiled at him. You finally turn around and look at him.

“Me too.”

Back to you sitting by your desk as the rain becomes softer and the day becomes dimmer, your door is knocked on.

“Come in.” You get up, your back facing the door as you organize the small clutter of papers on your desk.

“Hi.” The voice makes you pause and drop the papers in your hands. You turn around to see Peter, clothes slightly damp from the rain and hair matted down.

“Peter? Did you walk in the rain?” You stand there, unsure of what to do. Peter chuckles and shrugs.

“I had an umbrella, but then the umbrella broke so…” You both chuckle as he shows you the bent and broken umbrella.

“I’m surprised you didn’t climb through the window-” Your stopped before you could finish your sentence by a pair of warm yet cold lips. Your eyes widen as Peters hands reach behind you and squeeze your waist tightly. You couldn’t help but moan into the kiss as Peter reached up and down your back.

“Wait- wait.” Peter lets go of your mouth but continues to hold you closer. You don’t let go either but you put space between both of your faces.

“I want you. I need you, hell I might even love you. But I need to know if you feel the same way.” Peter looks at you with an unreadable expression and it scares you ever so slightly. But the way Peter caresses your back makes the words he speaks unnecessary. 

“I do, I loved you since the moment I laid eyes on you. Okay, I can think of a million ways to say I love you, but it wouldn’t be enough.” You almost tear up at his words so you kiss him like it was the last tie you were gonna kiss someone.

“Hi babe.” You say as you walk into Peters room. Your backpack hitting the ground. Peter grumbles from his bed and you notice he lays face down. 

“What’s wrong?” You snort at Peters form as you cross your arms over you chest.

“Can you massage my back?” Peter lifted his head and looked at you with a smirk.

“The last time I gave you a massage-”

“I know…that’s why I want you to give me one.” Peter smiled and dropped his face into his bed again.

“You’re lucky I love you.”

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